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 Traitor of the Sĭgren

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Approved#1PostSubject: Traitor of the Sĭgren   Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:53 pm

Traitor of the Sĭgren

Location: Dimension of the Sĭgren, home planet Ik'thena.
Date (converted to UNSC standard): 31-OCT-2563

"Into the deep he went,
a void of loss and dread, 
a path of no retreat,
a kingdom of the dead.

Into the deep he went,
traitor of Sĭgren,
slayer of the Royal blood,
hunted till no end.

Into the deep he went,
against the Keepers dread,
Into the Way Isa went,
to find the beginnings end."

~Chronicles of the People

Come, closer now, this is a story that only whispers can tell. The Chronicles of the People.

This night was particularly cold on Ik'thena, even the starlight appeared to take form. The frost began making its way up the Imperial palace's columns, crystallising in each of the shallow pockets of intricate design that crossed its path. At the base of the columns soldiers of Kings-guard stood on watch, their wide brimmed helmets swivelled rhythmically observing the grounds of the palace like eager hawks hunting prey. The night was a special one, the palace grounds were formed of many tall spires, but it was the tallest and grandest that the banquet was being held in honour of all the Royal Battalions and their battles on the frontier lands. Of course only the Royal Princes, wives and their selected war heroes were invited to attend. In the centre of the ground lay a grand way-stone, and from it exquisitely dressed men and women gracefully glided out arm in arm. The men wore a collared uniform consisting of a jacket fashioned in their Royal Battalions colours and black trousers that tightened towards the ankles. The women wore dresses of glade and silk which flowed behind, their arms, necks and heads were commonly seen crested with golden trinkets of tribal fashion.

The parade of noble Sĭgren was lead by a bearer of the golden lantern, called the 'priests of the Keeper'. The tradition was commonly known among the people to symbolise finding the path in the Way when they travelled, though it is only now done rarely as a ceremonial honour. As the front of the parade braced the palace steps, the grand doors of Da'ar Do'ok swung on their grand golden hinges giving away to the secrets of spires interior. Laced with red, blue and gold the interior took the breath of all who bore eyes to it. High up and grandly carved into the golden walls was an arch and balcony, there stood the Theius. The King of the people stood at least 9' tall wearing no face but a mask of white and red simple in design, an  uncommon and ancient tradition among the Sĭgren. The Theius stood with an confidence that intimidated all that dared to look, "My Blood" waving his hand at now the few remaining that trickled through the doors of Da'ar Do'ok. "My Blood" he repeated scanning the grand hall, the number of guests caused a slight cramp feeling juxtaposing the halls size. "I welcome you here today, grandest of all Sĭgren, to celebrate our victories in conquest." His smile widened a sickening distance to the edges of his cheeks, the mask hid all. "Now, let us feast." He again flicked his hand at his attendants, the walls of the grand hall faded opening up new cloistered space filled with long-tables flanking the centre.

After the meal Princes and wives, or attendees, danced at the centre of the hall to a beat primal in depth but played by instruments of string and air as it was deemed more civilised. While the Sĭgren refrained from strong emotion, an aura of laughter and enjoyment hung in the hall. But with all seemingly happy stories lies a darker truth, among the crowd stood a solemn figure of 7' tall, sharp in features with eyes of a dying star. As the Theius moved through the crowd being pleased by the brown-nosing around he caught eye of this figure, the figure itself drifted through towards the King. "Isa, It is.... good to see you back" the Theius bit hit tongue at the words he forced out of his mouth. "Theius", the tone was underlined with force, Isa then purposefully refused to bow continuing his movement straightening himself into a military posture looking up at the towering King. The Theius white-washed eyes glinted with colour for only a second, Isa stepped back spitting out the words, "Tyrant!". Purple darkness weld up from the Theius, runes of red and black burning into the floor. "You dare challenge me!" spat the Theius stepping forward, "You, a Battalion and Banner granted by me! You who I gave this honour to!" shouting with rage. Isa did not glance away from those white eyes, "King you are not. You have been lost to the Way, corrupted by chaos." By now a circle had formed leaving Isa and the Theius alone at the centre of the hall, Kings-guards waiting like starving wolves at the edges but the Theius's hand gesture kept them at bay. The battle of the two then commenced, each darting weightlessly off the ground colliding like stars warping the realms of reality and time in their path. With each blurring collision Isa channelled his force on specific points across the Theius's body, in turn the Theius used his force to rip chunks of Isa's flesh that he couldn't defend with a force block. Decorative stones drained with brightness as the two absorbed their stored magic, the hall was now only lit with the radiant magic of the fight.

Without warning, the Theius dropped onto the trodden marble floor. Isa synchronously appeared from the magical haze coughing blood, a Royal knife stuck through his chest collapsing his lungs. The Kings-guards pounced towards Isa, but it was too late, Isa vanished in a black mist accompanied by ancient runes that burn't into the marble floor. The Theius raised his hand from the floor to use his magic to re-open the wayrunes, but his power was gone, Isa somehow managed to sever the Kings connection to the Way. The aftermath of the nights event rung throughout the whole of the Sĭgren empire, the Theius's power was now in question. His insecurities divided the people, making the Royal Princes swear total loyalty a second time was something unheard of in Sĭgren history. Prince Isa's Battalion, named the 'Starlight Battalion', was cast out and disbanded. Isa was thought to have escaped to another dimension with only a third of his force that was stationed in the eastern arm of their galaxy. Most of the High ranking members of the Starlight Battalion in the western arms were caught and imprisoned, including Isa's brother E'li. The remaining Starlight Sabres in the west fled forming a small elusive force of rebels in search for their lost prince, and to this day still carrying the Banner of Starlight.

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Traitor of the Sĭgren

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