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 Chapter 1: Arrival

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Private#1PostSubject: Chapter 1: Arrival   Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:41 pm

Chapter 1: Arrival

              Spire, in a way, it is the capital of their empire. It was the jewel of their empire. A planet with a mixture of harsh colors. A runaway greenhouse effect had taken a grip on the planet, however not an issue for Nypherian’s. The fleet hovered around the planet, protecting its power base. The two satellites orbited the planet, like Gods watching or their followers. Above the planet, a very large ship hovered over. The size of the ship dwarfs the size of the fleet and the size of the planet. The Mothership, as it is called, its the main ship that holds high ranking officers of the Nypherian Empire. Within the highest point of the Mothership, an office sat there. A blue skinned man sat there going through paperwork. He wore a white officers uniform. Upon his shoulders, golden shoulder boards rested, holding the rank of Grand Admiral.  His hair was kept cleanly and combed back. His red eyes scanned over the documents until there was a knock on his door. He glanced up from the stack of papers.  “Enter”, the door swung open and another officer had walked into the room.

               He held more paperwork and he placed them upon the desk. The Grand Admiral held his stare upon the man. The Grand Admiral had become a stern but honest man throughout his service to the Nypherian’s. His name is Gordon Malik, the highest-ranking officer in the Naval Space Fleet. The Grand Admiral had the final say with the movement of the fleets. He controlled everything meticulously and with perfection. He always honored the code and the rules of the Hive. “What is this, Warrant Officer?”, he said plainly as he neatly placed the current documents he was holding. He picked up the new pieces of paper and gave them a look over. “Sir, these are the reports of the Battle of Chyke. All information that has been gathered by Nypherian ground forces and the new weapons that have been unleashed into the ranks." With the reports that he was reading, Gordon Malik could only smile. “The Darkness, an interesting species. They sent Lana to probe us and find a weakness. I do hope we didn’t disappoint. Though, this action voids our agreement with Muck Walkers.”

                  Gordon Malik glanced over the report. More than 100 dead and many more injured. These reports spurred much hatred but on the surface, it looked as if he had no emotion. “It seems we will be at war with both Species. From these reports, our tactics must change. However, this doesn’t change the fact that they need to die. The Demonic Crusade, such a primitive species. There is only one kind that mimics their actions. Growing at an unfathomable rate, devouring everything in their path. A virus. That is what they are. Nothing more and nothing less.” He placed he documents on his desk and looked up at the Warrant Officer. “It’s good that our current research project had finished at the time that it did. With the growing tensions with the fascists, the Alliance, and the Muck Walkers. We will need the new weaponry. Now, if you have nothing else for you Warrant Officer, please excuse yourself.” The Warrant Officer saluted Gordon Malik and left. Gordon Malik watched him until he left. Once the door closed and a click could be heard, he stood up. Gordon walked over and stood in front of communicator that rested in the middle of the room.

                  Taking a device that rested in his pocket, he turned on the machine. A picture formed and there was a man with long white hair. He was resting his hands upon the table and was conversing with other Officers around him. The officers noticed the open com channel and saluted instantly. The man with white hair stood stall and glanced behind him. “Grand Admiral Gordon Malik, why are you bothering me” he said bluntly. Gordon smirked, “Grand General Vim Jaknor. A man with such class, I tend to confuse you as an Asmodian. The other officers glanced around at each other. The obvious sarcasm was easily caught and they were worried how Jaknor would respond. Jaknor simply just shook his head and full turned towards Malik. “If you’re here to make sarcastic quips towards me, I am not amused. I already have a shit show to deal with on Chyke. What do you want?”. Gordon Malik crossed his arms as he could only smile at what he had heard from Vim Jaknor. “Apologies. I had just received the reports about the Battle on Chyke. My sympathies are with the Hive and the Void Citizens. However, this is about the upgrades with the Ground Forces.”. That information grabbed Jim’s attention. He had been waiting months for the new tanks. What he really excited him is the new M192A6 Monolith. The true super power of ground vehicles. Jim Jaknor could only smirk, “What is the earliest convenience that I can receive that weapon?”. He asked, Gordon Malik learned off screen and pulled the paperwork from his desk. “Orders have been by the Hive Circle within the Void. You’ll be getting this weapon within the week. Along with the P3554A Plasmyr, MB5443 Silhouette, and the DT7A1 Dragon Tank. I will make sure that our Ground Forces get these weapons as soon as possible for the coming conflict.”. This is good news. Very good news and Jim Jaknor could not contain himself. He nodded in approval and saluted Gordon Malik. Gordon returned the same salute and the connection was terminated.

              He glanced back at the report he received from the warrant officer. The last page of the report is what upset him the most. The last sentence is what worried him,” Ammit of the Asmodians is within Galactic range.” At all times, it had to be now.
                Thousands of Light Years away, a golden fleet moved across the emptiness of space. The symbol of the Soul Eater is painted on the site of every ship in the fleet. They moved silently across space. There is a large ship that is obviously the capital ship. Along the side of the ship the name “ Ma’at”. In the officers’ quarters, a being with golden armor sits upon a throne. He is the head officer, Ammit. He has the head of a crocodile and the body of a leopard. He tapped his claws upon the armrest of his throne. He had been instructed by Anu Mau to cause enough havoc within the Galaxy. “Why do I have to be the one to go in alone to face those stupid robots…” he mumbled as a slave dropped grapes in his open mouth. Ammit just thought about what he would do first. His hunger for combat had been growing for years. He was aware that it would take a long time to travel but not this long. He was extremely bored and he killed slaves to ”kill” the time.

              He mumbled to himself repeatedly as boredom really had taken him. The room door opened as another being had walked into the room. Ammit glanced up at who entered his room. A sneer curled at his mouth, revealing his teeth. “ You better have a reason for bothering me Thoth. “he sneered. Thoth stood there in his golden armor. Looking as unamused as he could, he greatly detested speaking to Ammit while he tortured the scum slaves. “ You are within a ship named after someone dear to me, the least you can do is torture the scum off the ship” Thoth retorted. Ammit smacked the slave aside and sat up in his chair. “ I can give two-shits that the Ma’at meant anything to you. I am the lead officer and you remember that, Thoth!!” he snapped. Thoth as unamused as he was, he was here for a reason. “We have received more orders. Anu Mau wants us to engaged on the enemy trading post of Vermire. We’re permitted to use magic and port in front of the Station.”. Ammit jumped from his seat and had been filled with excitement. “ Get ready for conflict, we will make these Nypherian scum taste the true power of Ammit!!”

                 The Asmodian fleet vanished in a burst of blue magic. In that moment, they appeared in front o the station of Vermire. Their ships were numbers in the 100’s. The smaller ships in the front and the large in the back. Obviously, the capital ship of the Asmodians sat at the back. Instantly, Nypherian ships appeared around the station, matching the number of ships. They moved towards each other as everyone on the station watched as the Nypherians were going to battle their arch enemy, the Asmodian Empire.
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Chapter 1: Arrival

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