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Approved#1PostSubject: Ordriey   Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:58 am

Name: Ordriey
Homeplanet: Ordrieliensis
Sentience: Sentient

Highly cold resistant, toxin/poison immunity, iron stomach (They can eat and digest anything that fits in their mouth), capable of holding their breath for up to seven days. They have the ability to change both their hair and skin colour to blend in with their surroundings (also they change colour when emotional), electrical shock resistance (A strong jolt of electricity is quite ticklish to the species, They can easily resist at least 5 million amps but it doesn't mean that they wont die if it somehow crosses their heart).

Ordrieys easily overheat and get heatstroke, (They often look as though they're having a seizure, usually this is when there is a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit), susceptible to fungal infections if wet with cold water, susceptible to madness or insanity and charms.

There are a wide variety of dream dragons but I am going to list the main races of the species of ordriey. All ordrieys have a scorpion like tail with a stinger at the tip, most have furry tails, (The poison isn't deadly enough to kill instantly but surely will make those affected drowsy, knocks them to sleep or even paralyze victims, a large amount about at least a cup full will kill unless it's immune to toxins). They possess sharp fangs, long pointed ears that are slightly rounded, a pair of horns, three-toed hooves and a pair of dragon or bat-like wings that can be folded and hidden under flaps of skin on their backs. The wings always come out slimy and wet lubricated with mucus to protect their wings and skin flaps from damage. The species has to be older than 12 years of age until they are able to lift themselves to the air with their wings a few feet. Those who've reached 15 years of age usually are ready for full fledged flight. Wings are not present at birth but they first emerge when they are 12 years of age. When the wings first come out they are small and weak. The wings are three times the length of an individual ordriey's body. The young are born with silver colored skin but slowly fades away as they become in their 40's, they are fully grown by the time they are 100 years old. No one knows how long they can live nor how how tall ordrieys can grow to be as they vary in size. The average height seen so far has been over 8 feet for hermaphrodites, 6 feet is common for females. Depending on the species race they have been seen to grow as large as 16 feet, only once has anyone seen this species grow to be 20 feet tall. The hermaphroditic appear to be mostly male and will behave motherly if they give birth to offspring. The older ones that reach their 20's become heavier and bigger in appearance if they have grown at least foot taller within a couple of years. Sometimes this doesn't happen until they are over 40 years. When maturing most ordrieys have pop bellies and barreled chests, the hermaphrodites have manes like lions and have tusks when older. Females are thin, the horns more feminine, tail are longer and thinner and the ears are longer. The average length with ordriey ears are about 8 inches long. The hermaphrodites have flatter snouts almost like a pigs.

Ordrieys are surprisingly fast and agile for their size and are quite endurable when it come to traveling through mountains, forests/woodlands and arctic type landscapes. They can run twice their speed when on all fours like an animal. Skin colour ranges from dark to light (most ordrieys have light skin). Hair colour can be any colour from black to blue to pink or purple, this depends on the ordrieys race. They like the idea of keeping things peaceful in their society except that doesn't always seem to work when they decide the silence needs to be broken and become chaotic and wreak havoc. Most ordrieys are very open to others when talking(They even would go on casually about wanting to mate and they are hard to make shut up. They will keep going because they are obnoxious), they are also very touchy meaning they like to cuddle/snuggle, hug and slap people on the back. Other societies welcome them but take in precautions because their behavior can get wild. In a few societies people see them as demons and will try to kill them and drive them out. Ordrieys can handle freezing temperatures keeping their bodies heated around 210-215 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally a species that naturally runs hot would not be bothered by heat, their air sacs inside of their bodies would expand too much and possibly even burst sometimes killing an ordriey. Ordrieys are known to be full of surprises and eat huge amounts of food and are omnivorous.(If they can will try to eat dirt or even rocks) Their jaws and teeth are strong enough to chew through steel metal like it's butter. They replace/grow a new set of teeth every ten weeks(sometimes their teeth can start to fall out five weeks before their new set of teeth come in, they don't lose all of their teeth quickly).

Harukins are by far known to be the biggest nearly matching the size of a lurrian faerie. They can grow to be 16 feet tall. They have light pale peachy skin, dark mostly black hair, most having green eyes others having brown. Their horns are more like a scottish cows horns turn downwards. Their hair is the softest of any creature that has to offer but it is also very thick. Their tails are furry and underneath halfway down the tail all the way to the buttocks is bare and is almost like a dragon's belly scales. They appear to be more chubby than other ordrieys. Heat is more bothersome to them. They are better at being empathetic and are insightful
Yeormians are redheaded and most have blue eyes, most stand at around 7 feet tall. Their hair is thinner and fluffier and they can handle the heat better than any other ordriey. They have light skin but most have dark skin patches. They don't do as well as others in the cold and get hypothermia easier than others. They are slightly skinnier than other ordrieys. They are more intelligent and are instinctively better at social skills(manipulation and intimidation)

Koropean ordrieys have green, pink, blonde, purple or brown hair and have light skin. They seemingly have freakishly longer necks and they are nearly hairless and hang around more dark places. Their eyes are very dark nearly blending in with their raccoon mask markings on their faces making them look as if they don’t have eyes but glow and shimmer in the dark like a cat’s eyes reflecting light. They hate being out in the light. There’s hardly anything known about them. They are the most mysterious of all ordrieys.

Diagidaen and Frilanderak ordrieys have blue, grey or white hair and have dark skin ranging from black, grey to brown. They have the average size of 6 feet, the tallest are 7 feet which they are the smallest of all and are skinnier than Yeormians. They instinctively are better at mimicking voices like dreamones and dreamurrians who can mimic just about anything with their voices.

Most are warm and welcoming to many other cultures and people. Ordrieys just want attention (that is most ordrieys, there will be at least a few that don’t want much attention) so they try to make it as impossible to ignore them in any sort of way such as talking non-stop, huddle in tightly as possible with others, running on front of people, and headbutting or slurping/eating noisily or burping rudely. Many other cultures find this quite  They take things very seriously when it comes For big humanoids they can live over 1000 years or more, which gives them the need for more attention and love. They are uncommon, the ordriey population consisting of at least 1'000’000’000. Ordriey young are rare (sadly many young die at birth due to some abnormalities such as collapsed lungs and or too undeveloped). Many ordriey elders take care keeping the world prospering in peace and fertile lands for both people and animals. They try to keep the world the way they have remembered it so long ago and the destruction and changes in the planet causes them to stress and grieve over the loss of old memories it once had. Even if it has been destroyed or changed many old ordrieys get to work on restoring things back as they once were and will do anything to protect it. The eldest pass down old memories to the young ones and in turn they too will defend and restore as much as possible. Those who change or destroy the world, ordrieys become vengeful and ferocious towards that specific person or persons or whatever had done this.

Ordrieys take religion very seriously. They have two groups of deities they can worship. The Terranean gods and the Kirreanean gods. The Terranean dragon gods are Teleranis, Terrazukos, Terraneandos, Terramoonua and Terrasque. The Kirreanean ordriey gods are Mogahnia, Jagohnia, Zermahgia, Pagohnia and Kolahnia.

Almost every race is welcome to many ordriey settlements so long as they're not very destructive to the environment they live in. Peace in any ordriey settlement is a must to prosper for an eternity but that doesn't last long since some ordrieys once every so and now like to stir up some trouble and show off for any attention even if it is bad. Some races don't get along well with ordrieys because well they can get annoying and they can be very hard to get by knowing some are stubborn. Friends are well friends forever to any typical ordriey but not all for some reasons, they are not fond of people who love to be destructive or do not care for allies and hurt them in ways. The one and only definite stubbornness that never leaves an ordriey is that they believe that any gender can make a lovely couple, usually of the same race or that they look good together as a couple of lovers to the ordriey. 
Love and babies is highly valued between family and friends which creates a strong bond. Family, friend bonds can extended to other families and their friends. A group of family and friend bonds are considered a clan. Ordriey clans are made up of 5 or more different families. Clans usually have their own priorities/goals, they create a name specifically for their clan. 
When someone disrespects a family member the whole family is disrespected, when the whole family is disrespected the whole clan is disrespected. Anyone disrespecting a clan should expect an ongoing clan feud (if it's between clans) till the person or persons are dead, killed, or they finally decided to give back respect.
Giving back respect to a clan is the meaning of a long and dangerous task. The more dangerous and the longer the task the better.
Even a family member or family disrespecting their own clan could very well mean they're exiled unless they can prove their worthiness, skills of combat and their accomplished goals they have completed with or without allies
In some other cases an ordriey might decide " I'm tired of staying with family and doing other family clan business, I want to do something big." Doing big things is a way to earn a much more respectful place and ranking and are more memorable than others. Starting on a dangerous quest on your own is something that gets others both worried and excited and on top of that it's honorable to do so.

Almost nothing is known of their history. A mysterious species that had traveled from afar from a possibly unknown or known location.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Ordriey   Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:10 am

Impressive detail! Approved!
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