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 Orcish Magic

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Elias Bishop

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Approved#1PostSubject: Orcish Magic   Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:44 am

Magic is the force of life in the universe, and it works slightly different for every being that interacts with it. Since demons are an inherently magical species, every member of every class has some degree of control over its forces. Most demons class each other based off their individual magic abilities, but since the Orcs have little power relative even to magic users of other races, they have developed their magic to pool together so that all can draw what they need, and when they need. This is especially useful for Orc shamans on the battlefield. All Orcs have the limited ability to manipulate mana in order to do simple things like brew Grog or properly light Moon Wood, but the Shamans have the ability to manipulate a more diverse range of magic. The styles are listed below.

Elemental Magic: Like all beings substantial in the use of magic, Orcs have the ability to manipulate eight natural elements present in the universe: Light, Plasma, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. For the orcs, combining these elements is difficult and only the strongest of Orcish shamans have the ability to combine elements.

Gesalt Magic: A unique form of magic developed entirely by coincidence. As the Orcs continued to manipulate their immense collective pool of magical energy, Shamans began to realize that they could conjure a physical manifestation of mana. It appeared as a translucent, gelatinous blob that could appear in any color dear to the Orc race. Those being Red for Strength, Green for the land on which they live, Blue for harmony, and White for purity. Though sometimes Black, meaning death, appears, a color that the Orcs associate with bad luck. Anyone manipulating Black Gesalt is immediately cut off from the mana pool and sent away from their tribes. While the colors don’t manifest any specific properties. The neutrality of manipulating pure mana gives Orc shamans the advantage of not worrying about elemental weaknesses. Combine that with the Gesalt’s unique ability to be enchanted into tools and buildings to increase said item’s durability and efficiency, and you have a powerful and unique magic specific only to the Orcs. Any item dear to an Orc most definitely is enchanted with Gesalt energy.

(Note: Much of the Orc lore is thanks to Beariore's work, he asked if I wanted to post the sections I typed out.)
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Orcish Magic

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