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Approved#1PostSubject: Sĭgren   Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:29 pm

The Sĭgren people

Name: Sĭgren
Dimension: Unknown. Interdimensional capable, though they live in one dimension.
Home planet: Ik'thena - Capital planet of the Sĭgren and home to their King.

Sentience: Sentient
Age range: Common Sĭgren live naturally up to 500-800 yrs, though it has been known of rare 1000 + yrs 'Elders'.
Height range: 6'-8'

Genetic relations: The Fey, Elves - evolution has distanced the Sĭgren from their earlier cousins.

Appearance: Elven in features, tall and thin, from muscular to stick body types. Their skin ranges from pale grey - golden-tan - tan-brown depending on sunlight exposure. Though war-Sĭgren commonly wear closed system suits not taking them off for years at a time, this causes 'Ulgara' translated to 'the greying of skin'. Like the Fey, Sĭgren can be found with minor face paint, it is a common practice if they are going to war.


  • Clothing: The Sĭgren commonly wear practical black under-suits and boots (Note: similar to a thin, <2 mm, wetsuit) commonly with intricate triangular-patterned cloth wrapped round their forearms or/and waist. Sĭgren fashion has oscillating trends, but some Sĭgren often like to wear thin beautifully woven pale robes that are worn over their under-suits.  

Magic: As the Sĭgren are related to the first Elves and Fey, magic runs strongly through their blood. But after they departed from this dimension early in its form their magic did not progress leaving it to be in the raw form that it is seen today. The Sĭgren do not have spells or abilities to craft different types of magic. They do have control over raw magic which allows them to use this as a physical force i.e. pushing objects.

  • Portals: Runes are occasionally used as a portal spell, or known to the Sĭgren as a waybridge. The Sĭgren have inter- and intradimensional capabilities and portals are common to travel within their dimension. Travelling across dimensions is forbidden, but also very difficult to generate the correct runes and a have large enough power source. The mechanics behind portal travel is that Sĭgren raw magic literally tears space apart forming a tunnel to another place. Tunnels can be permeant if created as a major access route, where some ancient waytunnel networks are still open but lost from knowledge, but most are temporary and all waytunnels can collapse.


  • Stones: Called 'stones' but are actually crystals which can trap and release raw magic within their lattice. These items are used, rather like a magic-battery, to power Sĭgren technology. The basic principle is that stones are 'cut' into shapes to alter the parameters of energy release and absorption rates giving them different uses. The larger the crystal, the more energy it can withstand without cracking or breaking. Green stones are the most common colour, other colours are rare and their differing chemical properties allow them to store more energy per unit volume then green stones.


Technology, Weapons and Armour:

  • Technology: While the Sĭgren are not advanced in UNSC or Nymperian-like technology, they are highly advanced in magic-based technology. Simply, using magic systems as an alternative to wiring and electricity. Wayren is a material developed to channel the magic through technology, and stones are used as power sources.
  • Weaponary: War has been of common consistency for the Sĭgren with various species. They only have few weaponry designs, but those they do have are consistently updated with newer models. Common weapons include swords, spears, rifles, pistols, and their raw magic abilities.


  • Armour: Sĭgrenian battle-suits are of ingenious design consisting of metal plate with wayren channels and stones magically increasing its protection. The suits are closed-system design, self-sustaining for years at a time even in the vacuum of space. Unlike weaponry, suits can have various designs and add-ons.


Buildings: The Sĭgren enjoy elaborate towers and domes intergrated with nature of the planet. While dense cities and towns do exist, the Sĭgren commonly make use of the space on planets forming small clusters of buildings.


Vehicles: The Sĭgren commonly use waytunnels (portals) to move around (see under Magic) for large distances, special portals are made (Note: these portals are like the airports of our world) where common Sĭgren go to travel. For short distances or surveying the Sĭgren use hover-bikes and shuttles. For moving a world’s population, warships, scouting deep space, protecting solar systems, moving vast cargo, etc, then Wayships are used, these are similar to starships but have no FTL drive. They travel inter/intra- dimensional distances by creating a gigantic waybridge (portal) in front of their wayship using a wayshield to protect the the ship. The ships are powered by rare, huge, stones. A disadvantage is that if there is no previous waytunnel to their desired destination then they must make one which takes even more energy and time (days to months to years depending on the complexity).


Culture: While much of their culture can be seen from the chapters above, this chapter will address the key cultural attitudes.

  • Their society is a monarchy ruled by a King, or in their language, 'Theius'. The King has many princes who are trained to command Royal battalions (fighting arm of the military). Princes may be adopted or born of kings-blood.
  • While the general people enjoy great freedom in the pleasures they peruse, loyalty is demanded.
  • The military develops all magical-technology, vehicles and infrastructure needed for the Sĭgren people. This means that some Sĭgren are conscripted through the military as i.e. builders, magic-engineers etc etc.
  • The military is a key part of Sĭgren society, conscription at age 33.6 lasts ~100 years depending on need of the Kingdom (note this has been converted to human years for ease of understanding). After their service to the military the Sĭgren are given vast sums of currency and may do what they like (within reason) i.e. take pleasures in the arts, exploring etc.
  • Sĭgren children are 0 - 33.5, Sĭgren adults are 33.5-700+ yrs. Children are educated in academies away from their parents. All subjects are taught in some form, though arts and sciences greatly followed by war-studies.


  • The Sĭgren are a very emotionally tuned people, many meditate to remain emotionally disconnect. 'The mad kings fever' is a common ailment of not controlling their emotions.
  • The Sĭgren are an intelligent people, their long life and extensive education do allow some among themselves to be called 'Kin Kun', or in our tongue, wise.
  • While the Sĭgren have fought many species, they refuse to pollute their technology with those of 'lesser forms', which actually means while the Sĭgren may be excellent warriors in one aspect, they are weak in others.
  • The label of 'arrogant' has been applied to the Sĭgren people, but this is more an affect caused by the current ruling Theuis. In the past Sĭgren have been known to be a humble. It has been said by Sĭgren
     that live far away from the capital planet, that this Theuis is corrupting the people.


  • They are very strong warriors due to a history of near-perpetual conflict and their long life span creating many veterans. Each front-line soldier is trained through the military academy program to an excellent standard.
  • They can be very hard to detect. As their technology is magic based they produce little EM signatures and while their teleportation magic does produce ripples, expert 'waywalkers' can produce small-tear waybridges (portals), causing very little ripples, to sneak behind enemy lines.
  • While their magic is primitive and has few uses, a Sĭgren magic user (all Sĭgren can use magic to some degree with training) can be very powerful if trained and experienced.
  • Their emotions are both a positive and negative, they can feel feelings of other species due to a strong empathy riddled with magic. This is another reason why they meditate to depress their emotions.


  • Their stubbornness in adopting new technology has lead to weaknesses within certain parts of the military tactics and defences.
  • Their emotion if released, can cause delirium in battle. Some recover from 'the mad kings fever', and some do not.
  • They do not have FTL capabilities, this means if a waytunnel isn't built to their desired destination it could take a long time to develop one to get there (see Magic chapter).
  • Because they are magic based, a lack of magic and stones (i.e. from exhaustion, someone’s drained their magic or low mana, etc) can cause a big weakness in their attack/defensive capabilities.

History: "Little is known about the Sĭgren history due to their distance from this dimension, though tales do say when the current Theius got to power he started a long war, some say hundreds of years, others thousands of years, and all that bloodshed is so that they can gain control over the galaxy they reside in." The bartender coughed, and clearing his throat he murmured "apparently one of those folk were seen around these parts. I was told they said rather poetically 'loyalty has fallen, the civil war will start.' Not sure what that means myself." The bartender scratched his head over the thought.

UNSC-INTELLIGENCE 2564-JAN-14, Intercepted Deep space radio transmission (Encrypted): "*Radio static* Command come in, do you read over? Sensors have picked up a dimensional tear in sector 210-30,000 ly. Eyes on target in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1." Cut out of transmission for 2:42 minutes. "Command, Command, this is Deep space 9-Alpha. A ship of unknown origin has just past out of the dimensional tear. We are going to jump to FTL *crackle* the *static* ". TRANSMISSION END.

 Note: If there are any spelling mistakes, I blame it on the lack of sleep.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Sĭgren   Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:00 pm

Great detail.

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