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Approved#1PostSubject: Zaga'rath   Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:05 pm


Name: Zaga'rath
Planetary mapZaga'rath map
Habitable: Habitable, within the Goldilocks zone. The atmosphere composition is ~25% Oxygen, 65% Nitrogen, <10% other gases. 

Moons: one (named Rath)

Terrain: The planets tilted 40° towards its main sequence star causing deserts within the north, and a small ice cap on the southern pole. Along the equator the 'green belt' has developed forming planes of grass and exotic tropical forests.

Size: Small-Medium, ~8000 km diameter.

Population: Zaga'rath population census
50% Human
20% Droid
10% Dwarf
10% Elf/Fey
10% Other/Unknown

Location: 210°, 14,000 ly. Located near a red nebula.

Solar system (Small): Main sequence star - Planet (I) - Planet (II) Zaga'rath (1.2 AU) - void - Gas giant + moons - asteroid belt - Oort cloud 

Space stations: One space station in geostationary orbit around Zaga'rath called 'The Comet'. It is run by outlaws but has the outlaw code as rules. It is a space outlaws can relax, you draw your gun, ten others will draw theirs at you (Inc. bartender named Gordon and his shotgun).

--No known knowledge of any other major space stations or planetary settlements in the solar system--

Government & Technology: Due to the variety of species on surface, technology on Zaga'rath has become a hybrid mix.

History: The planet originally consisted of human colonialists who left UNSC rule to form a new society among the stars. The Zara'rath Republic was set up and a local milita label 'Arm of the council' (AOTC) was formed for the planets protection. The people of Zara'rath are very tolerant and have welcomed new comers, this has lead to their increased presence and power through out their local solar system as the ruling force. Though the open arms policy has lead to the arrival of not so kind folk, outlaws, pirate-gangs, and mercenaries. Over time a symbiotic relationship blossomed between the Republic and the outlaws. The AOTC would turn a blind eye to the illegal smuggling and pirate bases in return for credits and protection against the Seraphim. Trouble still brews on surface when tensions rises, but it is a home of two people which has caused its foot hold in the galaxy to remain sturdy. 

News bulletin 2564-JAN-01, Publisher: Zaga'rath Republic Press
A trading agreement between the Zaga'rath Republic and the Nypherians has been recently agreed upon for the buying of inter-species war-technology obtained from the Vermire station. Many people suspect this is because the Zaga'rath Repbulic are looking to expand the AOTC and their defensive capabilities against the Demon Crusade. 

News bulletin 2564-JAN-14, Publisher: Outlaws Notice Board (The Comet - space station) 
Recent years a young Seraphim clan called the 'Kunrath' began conducting increased raids on Zaga'rath for technological-based supplies. The Kunrath warships had conducted orbital bombardment of the three cities deploying troops in 'blitzkrieg' style of attacks and then vanishing into the local nebula with their loot. If you are travelling to Zara'rath be warned that local galactic sector intelligence have picked up movements of the Kunrath fleet preparing for another raid on Zaga'rath as of 2564-JAN-14.

The future of Zaga'rath:
The trouble brewing in the galaxy has spread chaos, will this symbiotic relationship of the Republic and Outlaws remain , will the Kunrath clan become bolder in their attacks on Zara'rath, and will the Demon crusade ever reach Zaga'rath? These are questions commonly overheard when walking through the cities and towns of Zaga'rath.

Zaga'rath planetary record system (PRS):

Other (RP resources): Zaga'rath is a strange place, with so many autonomous groups interacting there is always bound to be something brewing.
-Satellite data indicate strange desert-based radio signals coming from a single emission source. A reward has been issued by the Republic, though to transverse the desert is dangerous as it has been rumoured giant sand eating worms called the Uri'i (by the sand-natives) live in the dunes. Air and land vehicles cause to much noise which draws the worms so the journey must be made on foot.
-Recent explosions have been occurring but the AOTC cannot locate any suspects let alone clues and have issued a statement for any witnesses or information. 

Republic of Zaga'rath Flag:

Pirates of Zaga'rath Flag (Scrawled onto the bathroom wall of Halley's watering hole - The Comet station):

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Zaga'rath   Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:49 am

Love the idea and the detailed map.

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