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 What is Known of the Seraphim

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Elias Bishop

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Approved#1PostSubject: What is Known of the Seraphim   Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:58 pm

General Info:

Virtually nothing is known about the Seraphim’s past. Even to themselves. As long as any of the race can remember, the Seraphim were nomads. Always on the hunt for tech to keep their own ships running, much less falling apart. They are a highly adaptable race, capable of taking any kind of technology and melding it with their own. A trick learned through centuries of spacefaring. When interacting with members of their own clan, Seraphim act with honor and tradition. When dealing with others



Seraphim have a traditional pyramid-esque tribal hierarchy. Though with some variations.

Tech-Lord: The leader of a Seraphim Clan. Everything he says is law. He is the upholder of the rules in a clan. If you have a problem with anything, you go to the Tech-Lord. He is the ultimate being in a clan, second only to the mothership herself. The Tech-Lord is always chosen only from the most distinguished Riggers and Tech-Masters.

Lord-Priest: The spiritual leader of sorts in a Seraphim Clan and second in power to the Lord-Priest. If he were anywhere else, he would be called the chief engineer, but due to the Seraphim’s near fanatic worship of technology, the Lord-Priest fills both roles. When replacing this role, the Master-Priests will vote for their next leader.

Master-Priest: A bishop of technology if you could ever call it one. Every Seraphim frigate will have one Master-Priest who was exclusively chosen and trained by the Lord-Priest for their role.

Tech-Priest: The rank and file engineers of the Seraphim. Every member desires to become a tech priest, but only the best and most attuned to technology ever become one. Each is personally chosen from the most skilled Riggers by a Master-Priest for training.

Tech-Master: A Seraphim commander of sorts. This member of the Seraphim Hierarchy is chosen among seasoned Seraphim Riggers as a leader to their fellows and trusted with the command of a ship. Tech-Masters on a seraphim ship answer directly to the Tech-Lord and are always expected to work together like fingers on a hand.

Rigger: The name the Seraphim refer to for their Rank and File soldiers. Anyone who isn’t of a higher class or hasn’t gone through the adulthood trial is. Even though it is the middle caste of Seraphim, members of this class wear the name Rigger with pride. It means that they are functional members of the clan. Strong warriors and skilled technicians, they contribute to the survival of the clan by gathering the technology and resources.

Child: Children of the Seraphim aren’t really referred to as anything. In their early years, young children are taken care of by the older children just about to undergo the transition to adulthood. They spend their days playing games and learning the skills needed to survive in the harshness of space. A normal Sepharim parent will have about eight to ten children, though only half that number will survive to adulthood. Children rarely leave the mothership.


Drone: The Seraphim, in an attempt to help their meager numbers, construct thousands of hand made drones. Many produced in factories on the mothership and large frigates, and even more produced by hand as part of learning technology. These drones serve many different purposes and are easily adapted for combat. Since they are easy to construct, Drones aren’t as revered as a god but rather as a useful tool for survival.

Slave: Beneath drones are slaves. The manual labor used in the pits of Seraphim starships to construct and refine items so the Seraphim can better spend their time and shoved into exceedingly dangerous jobs that they don’t consider necessary to survival. Any species can become a slave, even members of rival Seraphim clans. Though their bottom two arms are cut off to maim them and remind them that they’re still slaves. However, Seraphim slaves are always treated somewhat better than slaves of another species. Perhaps it’s some kind of subconscious honor or respect for others of their species.


The Seraphim are masters of adapting technology to suit their needs. It wouldn’t be an uncommon sight for them to be using salvaged slipspace drives from the UNSC as well as other FTL drives from other races in their fleets. But there are many devices they build themselves to help survive the vastness of space. Here are some of the most common devices they carry

Pressure suits: The pressure suits are the standard clothing for All Seraphim. It is a unique combination of Space suit and armor. Pressure suits are specially designed to withstand the rigors of spacewalks as well as the battlefield and can sustain a surprising amount of damage before leaking.

Weapons: The Seraphim are known for using a unique class of weapon known as arc
weapons. These devices launch tiny metal flechettes surrounded in a field of electricity,
somewhat combining the best of both traditional ballistic and energy weapons. Although the projectiles aren’t as good at penetrating armor as bullets or destroying out shields as energy projectiles. The versatility has saved saved Seraphim ships in the past. Since both energy and scrap metal is always in abundance on Seraphim ships. There is no lack of ammo.


Arc Rifle: The basic seraphim weapon that has been used for centuries, probably longer. It’s easy to charge and load as well as a great balance of range and destructive power. This is a popular weapon among Seraphim and nearly every individual has wielded one in combat.


Arc Pistol: A useful sidearm carried by many Seraphim. It’s small enough to be effectively wielded in the tight spaces of starships and powerful enough to kill enemies at short range. Many Tech-Masters and Tech-Lords wield this alongside their Arc Blades


Arc Tool: A standard self defense weapon and tool that all Seraphim carry with them. For attacks, it can launch a stream of arc energy to electrocute the target. As a tool, it can be used as a screwdriver, welder, wiring device, short term charging device, and any other imaginable technical application. A Seraphim is given one after passing the adulthood trials.


Arc Rail: Basically a small scale railgun. This weapon foregoes the advantage of the arc coating for the superior penetrative power of a railgun. It’s long range and high velocity make it an excellent sniper weapon and strong enough to puncture the hulls of small ships.


Arc Cannon: Cannon is a poor term for the Seraphim's take on a shotgun. This weapon fires dozens of tiny pellets connected together with an arc web at the pull of a trigger. It’s incredible short range is made up for by extreme destructive power. Perfect for clearing out infestations inside derelict ships.


Arc Blade: An interesting and ancient adaptation of Seraphim arc technology. It is said that the weapon has been the symbol of Tech-Masters and Tech-Lords for longer than the Arc Rifle has existed. It’s a simple concept: Coat a metal blade in arc energy to greatly boost it’s cutting potential.

Starships: It’s not unheard of for the Sepharim to steal the starships of other races and adapt them to suit their needs. Though there are a handful of ship classes that are exclusively used by the Seraphim.


Mothership: The mothership is the center of worship for the Sepharim. They’re ancient colony ships that the species rode from another galaxy. Though the only beings that know that are the AI supercomputers, although such information is buried deep within their databanks, only accessible by those who have time to dig through their ancient databanks.


Frigate: The fallen frigate is the most recognized and only capital class ship of the Seraphim fleet. It’s recognized across the galaxy as a ship you want to run from the moment you see one. If you do, it likely means you’re going to be pirated. It’s balance of speed, destructive power, armor, and shields make it one of the best ships in the galaxy.


Dropship: The Seraphim dropship is slightly larger than a pelican. It’s the most common type of ship in the Seraphim fleet and one of the weakest. It has mediocre armaments as it’s only saving grace is its extreme speed. It allows Seraphim to quickly get in and out of places in a moment’s notice.

Ground Vehicles:

The Seraphim have two types of ground vehicles that they use for either raids on the surface of planets or holding planetary hideouts.


Hoverbike: The Seraphim hoverbike is a fast hit and run vehicle that ground troops use to raid surface villages. The bikes can hover up to 5 meters over air and water and are armed with twin heavy arc rifles.


Tank: The seraphim tank is a tough and versatile ground vehicle. It's main arc turret is capable of tearing apart most species' tanks with ease and its chin mounted arc repeater is known for tearing apart infantry with high velocity arc rounds. It is even equipped with a heat-seeking arc launcher for dealing with aerial threats in the absence of air support. A Tank is very valuable to the Seraphim and one is rarely left unmanned or without support from Hoverbikes, Drones, and Riggers. It's only real weakness, however, is it's legs. Though they give the Tank the ability to cross difficult terrain other tanks couldn't, they make the Tank slower than other vehicles of its class and well aimed attacks to the joints will easily knock the tank out of commission. 
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: What is Known of the Seraphim   Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:48 am

An impressive amount of thought and detail, with fair weaknesses labelled.

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What is Known of the Seraphim

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