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 OSCM Exploration Cruiser "Adventurer"

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Kyle Telos
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#1PostSubject: OSCM Exploration Cruiser "Adventurer"   Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:39 pm


Name: OSCM Exploration Cruiser “Adventurer”
Owner: Order of Shadows
Manufacturer: Order of Shadows

Development Thread:

Materials: Neutro-Wolframium
Length: 600m
Rarity: Common

Weapons - 6
Armor - 5
Shields - 5
Speed - 6
Maneuvers - 3

Notable Equipment:
2x Multiplex Polaron Beam Turret - Average shield, hull and armor damage. Fires up to long range with an average rate of fire per target. Can fire at up to 6 targets. Polaron weapons can sometimes cause energy drain on the target, leeching their power.
2x6 Hangar Bays - Has the capacity to hold 6 fighters, 4 bombers, 2 transports or 1 miner per hangar bay.
4x Plasma Cannons - Average damage against shields, hull and armor, and capable of firing up to medium range with a fast fire rate.
20x Hellfire Turrets - Very low damage against shields, average damage against armor, very high damage against hull, capable of firing up to medium-short range with an ultra-fast fire rate. Great at point defence.
Multiplex Covariant Scanning Array - Improves upon standard on-board scanners, allowing for better results in all related tasks.
Electronic Warfare - A means of hacking targets through their communications and sensors, as well as defending against them. Disrupts target’s systems.
Vanguard Shields - High shield strength, average shield regeneration, average shield capacity.
Drone Launch Bay - Allows the launching and recovery of drones.

Order of Shadows Commercial/Military Ship: Cruiser-Class Exploration Vessel “Adventurer”. While the need for military might was indeed dire, there was also a need to explore, expand, and learn everything they could. This is also the first vessel to start incorporating new weapon types.

Face claim is "Natsume Takashi" from "Natsume Yuujinchou"
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OSCM Exploration Cruiser "Adventurer"

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