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 Project "Bellerophon"

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Approved#1PostSubject: Project "Bellerophon"   Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:22 pm

Image from Star Trek Online

Name: Bellerophon
Homeplanet: N/A
Sentience: Sentient

Augmented (Major) - Genetic structure has been heavily modified to the point that even though the exterior could be human, the insides are amazingly complex. Increases muscle and bone density by Quadruple, synaptic responses are inhumanely fast, highly resistant to illness, disease and foreign matter. Additionally, eyes have been enhanced to include dark vision as well as increasing sight clarity to a distance of 1km as if directly in front of them.
Project "B" Recipient (Major) - Nanites have been incorporated into the body, from the skin to the bones. Highly resistant to EMP and viruses, self-replicating within the body using bone marrow as a production line, Nanites of this level regulate genetic issues, increase rate of natural healing and of others via constant direct skin contact, break down foreign matter in and on the body. Can create, control and participate in a neural communication with other recipients within a certain range, and interface directly with technology. Can boost efficiency of Nanites by interfacing with certain technology, for example, increasing communication range by connecting to a signal amplifier.
Longevity (Major) - The natural lifespan is increased by more than five times, while still retaining the original fertility rate.
Computation (Major) - With the addition of technology into the mind, part of the brain is converted into a hub, a central processor for the Nanites, to become something similar to the nervous system. As an effect of this, the mind is able to function similar to a quantum computer and server, and perform calculations much faster than the typical "fleshies". Do note that because the brain isn't entirely converted, the human psyche subconsciously suppresses superhuman processing as it can cause a high strain, as well as corrode the human mind if overused. A simple use is to increase the mind's thinking until it seems as if time is slowed down for them, and also to take in and understand things that the senses pick up more clearly. Excellent memory, and Eidetic memory are also common. With the increase in quality of Nanites, these are capable of autonomous actions, similar to setting up processes into the level of a program, and can essentially function as a quasi-AI.
TLV Organ - Total Liquid Ventilation (TLV) is a type of liquid breathing. By completely flooding the lungs with a special oxygenated liquid, it helps to relieve the body from the strain of extreme pressures such as deep sea diving, high g-forces and vacuums where air expands or the body is subjected to a lot of pressure. This species has been forcefully adapted to have their lungs support this without problems, and to have an artificial organ added which produces this liquid inside the chest, on the opposite side of the heart. This organ absorbs water from the body and whatever water is consumed, and converts it to this liquid. This liquid is oxygenated by normal breathing, producing a hybrid body which can breathe air and liquid. If there is a lack of Oxygenated Liquid (OL) within the organ and lungs, normal air will be breathed, though it may require the coughing up of the Oxygen-Deprived Liquid (ODL) left in the lungs. The color of OL is translucent blue, while the color of ODL is transparent, tinted black.

Quality > Quantity - While it is possible to still give birth, offspring will not have Nanites, causing instability in the genetic structure, though not enough to cause disabilities. Only to the point of maybe having a tail and ears, reduced augmented capabilities and so on. These offspring are referred to as "Chimera". Additionally, there are only 20 Bellerophon's to have been created, and their creation process destroyed and erased.
Atrophy - Unfortunately, due to their inherent strength, it becomes difficult to be normal. Their weight is much higher despite their smaller builds due to their density, and the lack of sufficient means of exercising to the limit required for them, they wear power armor with a built in exo-skeleton which is designed to apply counter pressure to their actions. This limits their strength to that of a normal fit Terran, while keeping their body in shape. They do not need this 24/7, but recommended to wear as much as possible. A Bellerophon without their armor, is like taking the chains off of a lion in an arena.
Guzzler - The amount of energy required is much higher than that of standard organic beings. The amount of sustenance needed to maintain maximum performance is around five times, while to maintain optimal levels is three times. To remain minimal and keep a reserve amount of stored energy, eating as a normal Terran is enough, but not recommended. This can be supplemented by "charging" using a power source, though this can cause a backlash. The Nanites mitigate part of the energy consumption by absorbing energy passively from the surroundings.
"I'm Only Human" - Even genetically and technically advanced beings can't escape the inevitable. Can still be drowned, suffocated, starved and bled. At most, the Nanites can help make the body more resilient, increase oxygen utilization in the lungs, suspend bodily functions, induce a near-death state to preserve life, but still fallible. Even if alcohol will be broken down in the body by the Nanites, doesn't mean blades won't rip open the bod from the inside out.

All of the Bellerophon's were once Terran, from an age where commercially available genetic engineering was available for cosmetic purposes. Apart from their natural appearance, they typically tend to look more naturally beautiful, youthful, and refined. Muscle tone is often lean, despite the amount of strength they have.

As they are a species of modified beings, there is no set culture aside from the one they were raised with.

In a vastly different universe and timeline, Earth had no magic or unique beings. After being invaded by alien species repeatedly, they became militaristic, cunning, sharp, cold-blooded, and united as the Terran Imperium. With advances in technology and the help of espionage, the Terrans stole the genetic structure and also technology from every species they encountered, and began trying to take all the strengths while eliminating as many weaknesses as possible. Unfortunately, many conflicting and problematic variables caused a lot of setbacks which slowly started to be corrected by incorporating machine into man on the nanoscopic level. With part of the brain being converted into a central hub for the control server of the Nanites, they reigned in the genetic changes to finally create a new species artificially. After 7917 different batches, the 7918th was the one to survive and start succeeding. "Bellerophon" are the experimental series and originals, the first successful augmentation and artificial creation of a new species. All of them were implanted with knowledge needed for their trades and to survive to a sufficient level, by using the Nanites to "upload" it to their minds, and have gone through rigorous and hellish experiences in order to turn knowledge into experience.

The Bellerophon Project had several different series as it reached its phase of application.

Project BREED - At the completion of the project, these were meant to be decommissioned in favor of the more recent, more advanced, and more controlled series, where inhibition of emotions were added. More humane researchers managed to change this so that they would instead be put to work as soldiers.
Project BREED - Experimental Series
PBES-00 Kyle Telos (Male, 24yo)
PBES-00 (Female, 24yo)
PBES-01 (Female, 20yo)
PBES-02 (Female, 18yo, Twin)
PBES-02 (Male, 18yo, Twin)
PBES-03 (Female, 25yo)
Project BREED - First Series
PBFS-04 (Female, 23yo)
PBFS-04 (Female, 17yo)
PBFS-04 (Male, 27yo)

Project STREAM - Using the results of BREED as well as cloning their Nanites, these ones were meant to be an improvement by including the same self-learning as the previous. However, their experience and unity was lacking, putting them behind the first of the originals. They were later discarded as useless, but kept alive as soldiers through the researchers and BREED’s vehement protests.
Project STREAM - Experimental Series
PSES-05 (Female, 21yo)
PSES-05 (Male, 28yo)
PSES-06 (Female, 17yo)
PSES-06 (Female, 16yo)
Project STREAM - First Series
PSES-07 (Female, 25yo)
PSES-07 (Male, 23yo)
PSES-08 (Female, 24yo)
PSES-08 (Female, 17yo)
Project STREAM - Second Series
PSSS-09 (Female, 19yo)
PSSS-09 (Female, 15yo)

Project UNION - Supposedly the final stage which was meant to weed out the rest and serve as a control and breed unit, to mass produce and control super-soldiers, as if moving a swarm, a tidal wave. However, before things finished, the entire Bellerophon collection rebelled, destroyed all evidence and research, and took everything else they could, taking with them the “Phantom” soldiers.
Project UNION - Experimental Series
PUES-10 (Male, 16yo)

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Project "Bellerophon"

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