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 November Update Notes

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Staff#1PostSubject: November Update Notes   Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:48 am

Another month another update; here's whats happened this time.


Faction Overhaul
First of all there is a new section in the Faction Halls named the Faction Codex. This area will keep track of each faction's resources, development, treaties and wars. Located here is also the Faction Handbook, which we suggest you read to familiarize yourself with the new Faction system.

Now anyone can develop a faction to own territory, and write it out as they please in the galaxy. If you want to make an Empire that trades between the factions or seeks to conquer them, go for it. We've also added two NPC factions that will be actively written by Staff to give more life to the Galaxy and more opportunities.

As detailed in the Handbook, planets can now be upgraded to increase the Military, Economy or Technology level of your faction. This helps give an easy way to see what each faction excels in, whilst adding more strategy to expansion and wars. To account for the lack of writer requirements and the introduction of upgrades, Dominions are now easier to complete too.

Overall we wanted to open up the Faction game to anyone who wants to build their own and interact with the rest of the Galaxy. 

Some Notes
The Manifests located in the Faction Codex will say 'NA' for most Factions levels and techs, just until they start catching up to the developments they've already earned. Soon enough levels will be displayed properly across the board.

Factions is now a button on the NavBar.

Map Update
The Map has been prematurely updated (Imperium and Santori have a planet they've yet to finish the Dominion of, so please still reach 20 posts in your Dominions), to show the new factions as well as the Key for upgraded planets (bottom right). 
In the future, Rare Resources will appear on the map for Factions to strive for.

If you have any questions or concerns, voice them in the Discord and @me if you need me.
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November Update Notes

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