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 Faction's Handbook

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#1PostSubject: Faction's Handbook   Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:48 am

Creating a Faction
To create a territory-owning Faction, one must complete a development thread showing either the history or event of the Faction being created and/or claiming the territory they will be owning on the map. Once approved, you will be displayed on the next Galactic Map update by your own colour.

Expanding a Faction
Factions expand to unowned planets through Dominion threads, which must be 20 posts long to be counted as complete. They must focus on the capturing/claiming of the planet by the faction and be of sufficient quality (no one sentence posts). Factions can only do one Dominion at a time, with a limit of one Dominion per Galactic Month (IRL week). Once a Dominion is complete and unchallenged, the planet becomes part of the Faction’s territory.

If two factions initiate a Dominion on the same unowned planet in the same Galactic Month, this becomes an Invasion.

Invasions are a battle thread between two or more factions, the winner (between the initial attacker and defender) takes control of the planet upon victory. Invasion threads last until there is a winner either through IC decision, IC/OOC forfeit, or eventually Staff judgement if both sides decide the thread has lasted too long.

Both attackers and defenders may call upon allies (other factions) to assist them. Calling upon NPC factions requires Staff permission, and a Developer must NPC them.

Advancing a Faction
Factions advance by both expanding their planet count and upgrading the planets they own. Planets that are not already upgraded can be upgraded into one of three focuses; Military, Technology, Economy. Your faction is then measured by its level in each of these three areas, all of which equal the amount of planet types you own. For example, a faction with 3 military planets has a Military level of 3.

Quote :
Military level helps to show the fighting and defending power of your faction’s armies. A faction with a higher military level is likely to come out on top through sheer numbers and resources. A higher military level is required to develop advanced combat tech and weapons, both for soldiers or ships.

Technology level helps to show how advanced a faction is in terms of its scientific advancement. A faction with a higher tech level is able to develop greater ships, weapons, armours and other items with better efficiency and numbers. A higher tech level is required to develop ships of lengths above 800 meters.

Economy level helps to show how wealthy a faction is, in both of its own treasury and its inhabitants. A faction with a higher economic level has more to offer in trade deals and routes, and able to lend some of its level to ‘buy’ the military or tech level of another faction. A higher economy level is required to build large or extravagant structures or space stations.

To upgrade a planet, one must complete a development thread on the planet relevant to the type of upgrade you are doing. For example, upgrading to an Economy planet might involve setting up a black market in the planet’s underworld, or upgrading to a Military planet might involve uprooting rebel cells and establishing a strong military base on planet. These dev threads must be 10 posts long to be classed as complete.
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Faction's Handbook

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