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 S'ine lore: Binary pyramid of La'a

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Approved#1PostSubject: S'ine lore: Binary pyramid of La'a   Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:57 pm

[The translation laboratory has hundreds of clay tablets stored, ready for lore analyse]
(I will add additional pages to this thread ones the lore is approved, if allowed..)

Development threads:

- Planet lore: Ci'Zue

- Species lore: Species lore: S'ine

The grand capital city of Za'k-Uhm houses one of the few binary Pyramids in known space. With an astonishing 1000 by 1000 meter base and a peak hight of 800 meters, the pyramids are four times as large as the great Pyramid of Giza. They are considered the climax work of their civilization. Binary pyramids are identically cut out of sandstone. And protected by a fully covered smooth We'ixx alloy was attached to the outside layer for strong protection,  around 2 meters thick. To give additional protection, special slits in the form of long stretched curling lines of 0,5 meter deep and 1 meter wide were carved out by hand across both pyramids to make the surface thinner on various of points. 
Deep inside the pyramid`s systems, a massive coated network of small sand translators are installed. These translators bend the sand magically trough certain coated channels inside the pyramid towards the thinnest parts where the resistance of the of the outer surface layer is the lowest. Here the radiated sand gives of its charge, and due to the carved, near microscopical, grooves on the surface, the energy is being irrigated across the two pyramids and castle. Creating a protective shield around the La'a and the La'a-te, the pyramids and its castle.

The two main pyramids were build on a cliff near the edge of the jungle, with the desert below. The desert houses the common airport, and the jungle houses the royal airport and a full military base of operations. In between the two pyramids resides a massive waterfall, that came forth out of an underground river that runs below the jungle, and changes into a free fall of 3500 meters, into a grand abyss, the w'xwen. The river itself is around 400 meter wide, and it takes 680 meters above ground before the water reaches the edge. In the river, ten rows of six massive 5 meter thick pillars stick out till around 4 meter above the river`s surface. They support a 400 meter wide plateau that is approximately 15 meters thick and 400 meters long. On top of that a massive roofed walking route is created along the edge, connecting the two smooth pyramids with each other. The roofed walking zone on the edge of the plateau looks similar to the temple of Edfu. --> X  Only the grand walls go over into a massive layered building shaped temple complex of five floors with beautiful hanging gardens, the gardens only can be compared with this concept --> X This is actually considered the Castle and the Palace, but most rich people live lower in the in the rock wall of the w'xwen waterfal, and the poorest in Za'k-Uhm`s regio, close near the oasis lake that was created by the waterfal. Due to the massive permanent clouds that hang there due to the waterval, everything is hiding in an enigma for them. To keep their people thumb, and their leaders safe, the stairs towards Za'k-Uhm and the pyramids, that have been cut out trough the mountains, are closely and heavily guarded by officers. The people are unable to escape due to oasis laying between the rock wall and the edge of the desert. On the other side, the higher grounds, the jungle begins.. 

The palace, also called La'a-te, contains several halls, and eventually splits up into two different sections, the temples. Here the Monarchies resides in wealth. Noteworthy is that the whole La'a-te is heavily fortified and serves as the center in a similar way that citadels exist out of multiple layers. The penthouse on top of the fortified palace-castle is exclusively the domain of the High Priest, also, the whole complex has countless of secret passages and exclusive area`s. I will write out more detailed sections of the general rooms, layout, and spesific rooms of the whole temple complex later on. Maybe adding some self drawn maps too.

Another noteworthy location are the crypts. These are located trough a secret door under either of the two main pyramids altars that can be found deep within.. The cryps are connected with each other and are permanently protected by undead keepers, and only fellow undead clergy can enter if having permission from the high priest. People who are allowed execution or have been executed are also welcome to enter or being brought inside. The crypts offer countless of rooms, tombs, and experimental area`s. According to myth, there is a ultra secret room leading deep into the earth, to the well of P'dil, were the private tomb of the high priest resigns as well, to stack things up, another secret entrance can be found there that leads to rod, far and tight sealed from the troubles of the world and out of reach for anyone who might want to obtain it.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: S'ine lore: Binary pyramid of La'a   Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:23 am

I bloody love Egyptian culture about time we had space Egyptians.

Pretty nice form of urban segregation.



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S'ine lore: Binary pyramid of La'a

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