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 The Gargasp Beast of Ordrieyliensis

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Danihg Zuhn Bagoon
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Approved#1PostSubject: The Gargasp Beast of Ordrieyliensis   Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:28 pm

Name: Gargasp
Homeplanet: Ordrieyliensis
Sentience: Semi-Sentient

Gargasps are strong, sleek hunters and intelligent beasts. They are ambush predators as fully grown adults but when young and small they may hunt in packs. Gargasp young are typically the size of a large sized dog. Gargasps have no nerves on their skin making it so that they can take hits without flinching in pain. Having their faces disc shaped it gives better ability to hear things since this catches the sounds that could have been easily missed. 

The claws of a gargasp are toxic and can possibly kill the victim though at most times making them sick. The chances of getting sick are a 50/50% chance and chances of death are 10%. Young gargasps do not have poison as potent as the adults do. Their scratches may cause a burning and itchy rash.

They are solitary (adults) and easily deprived of their energy when running a short distance. They lack the endurance and do not actively chase after their prey but only wait. Damage to their skin may result in infections and decay since they cannot feel the pain on their skin. Gargasps have a strong stench which gives away their presence except for those who are noseblind or are unaware that it is coming from the predator itself. They can be smelled from a quarter mile away. 

Cannot swim at all even though their eggs are laid at the bottom of lakes.

These beasts are twice the size of elephants and are like beakless platypuses. They are though not platypuses they are gargasps. They are thick furred water and land going beasts with poisonous claws. They have long tails that resemble a cat's and yellow eyes that are wolf like with a single grey horn that juts out from the back of their heads. Their faces are disc shaped like an owl's with a muzzle sticking out far. Their fur color ranges from blacks, greys, reds and browns. 

Gargasps hunt for other animals as large of a meal as possible. These beasts weigh about 26'000 lbs, stand at around 22 feet tall at the shoulder and are mammalian, laying eggs underwater in the bottom of lakes. Gargasps will attack those who get too close to their nests in the water. They do not cover their eggs but leave them in a cluster. Eggs weigh about 5 lbs each in a nest of about 1-3 eggs. They hatch within at least a month and the next two weeks they are big and old enough to go out on their own but will need time to grow up to the weight and size of it's parents, it takes them 10 years for them to be full sized and they only live 50-60 years. 

When a gargasp cannot catch prey they try one more swipe in the attempts of scratching their prey item. The prey has a chance of getting sick and possibly die from the toxins in gargasp claws. After the prey is poisoned and slowed it comes to devour the creature whether it's alive or dead. Gargasps are normally solitary beings but sometimes siblings when still little stay together for a bit and hunt together in packs. If there were only one or two they may end up grouping with other young gargasps. Young gargasps that hunt in packs don't have as much a powerful toxin as the full grown adults do and may cause burning and itchy rashes.

Gargasps are in general docile and friendly but will become aggressive if approached by an unknown stranger.


Gargasps just like many of the other living organisms were created in the XMLC and are either released or escaped scientific experiments. The ordriey find the gargasps are easy to train and are used for transport carrying goods but are also used for slaughter to feed the people of Ordrieyliensis. The dishes made from these animals are typically a variety of soups, smoked meats, grilled, jerky and the blood is commonly put into jugs for drinks. Their meat tastes oddly similar to that of duck meat. The blood has a slight tingly sensation and a sweet and metallic taste. 

Gargasps are also skinned and have their hides tanned, turned into rugs/carpets, bed coverings and used as table/furniture cloths. The bones of gargasps are commonly used to make furniture, some building structures and for decorations. They also are a highly valued animal on ordrieyliensis for also extracting the poisons and using them for medicines or to use for their hunting weapons to help slow down or kill other creatures being hunted down by the ordriey.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: The Gargasp Beast of Ordrieyliensis   Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:35 pm

Interesting critters.  I'm approving it on consensus with X-Calibur,
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The Gargasp Beast of Ordrieyliensis

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