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 Zac Versaille

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Under Review#1PostSubject: Zac Versaille    Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:13 pm

Name: Zac Versaille
Height: 6’2
Weight: 203 lbs
Age: 18
Body Type: Lean and wiry with a strong frame
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Messy
Eye Color: Grey naturally but it can be Dark Red, Dark Purple, Black, Blue
Face Shape: Defined Jawline with High Cheekbones
Emotion: Anger
Abilities: Strength, Speed, Enhanced Reflexes, Rapid Emotional Change
Strength: Zac has a considerable strength that seems to get stronger from the heavier the emotion is. At no anger in his system, he is still considerably stronger than most humans as his benching weight sits at around 700 kilograms with around 8 reps. His most at just ‘standing’ strength is around 1100 kilograms for 1 rep. However, the angrier he gets the more powerful he becomes. At his deepest level into the emotion, he has been able to lift around 20,000 kilograms which sits somewhere around 22.4 tons. The only time he’s been able to do that is at his first traumatic event. Since then he has only been able to lift around 11 tons but he hasn’t had a lot of reason to get angry since then as well.
Speed: This is one of the weaker of his aspects as he doesn’t gain much speed the deeper he goes but he is considerably faster than a regular human and most robots. He can run at a steady pace of around 60 mph for multiple hours and his max speed at the event was around 142 mph considering he ran away from the scene for around half an hour and he got around 64 miles from his house. Overall, he isn’t one of the fastest users but he certainly is nothing to shake off.
Enhanced Reflexes: This is his strongest suit as he is one of the fastest receptors of any of the users to date. At his weakest, he can process things in a billionth of a second. At his fastest ever recorded, he was running across a major highway and a truck nanosecond away from hitting him was dodged in a sextillionth of a second which is fast enough to move out of the way of a singular bullet. Again this power is only relevant the deeper he delves into his emotions.
Rapid Emotional Change: This is how he gets the powers above as the more he gives into emotions the stronger he gets. In the beginning when the first users were brought into existence. Considering its so hard to track how deep you’ve gone into your emotions. This is the most accurate representation to date of how its tracked
10% into your emotions = Abilities at x7 and control at -10%
20% into your emotions = Abilities at x11 and control at -20%
30% into your emotions = Abilities at x14 and control at -30%
40% into your emotions = Abilities at x17 and control at -40%
At this point, most users evolve into their ‘Max’ form as it is almost impossible to control anything other than names and places.
50% into your emotions = Abilities at x20 and control at -50%
60% into your emotions = Abilities at x23 and control at -60%
70% into your emotions = Abilities at x26 and control at -70%
At this point, no other experiments have ever been done. At 70% deep only one user has ever delved this deep and they completely shattered their mind but also consequently killing the other user who was a danger. It took over 22 years for Sadness to recuperate from this and even after that going into the emotions at all almost caused complete cardiac arrest.
80% into your emotions = Abilities at x29 and control at -80%
90% into your emotions = Abilities at x40 and control at -100%
This is the supposed percentage that the original Gods of this world resided at. To them, this was just the beginning of the scale.
100% into your emotions = Abilities at x100 and control at -1000%
To humans immediate insanity and cardiac arrest. To other beings with stronger minds. The conclusion is unknown.
Any deeper than 100% is considered ‘God Level’ meaning there is no limit.
*Losing control would be of primary motor functions such as walking or talking correctly, they would be spitting out gibberish and fighting almost as if they were drunk. They wouldn’t have the same motor functions and wouldn’t be able to hit much around 10 feet away. However, the closer you get to them the easier for them it is to hit you.
~Old Archives of the 1st Regime~
Powers: Telekinesis, Sonic Distortion, Emotional Siphon
Telekinesis: This is the power he uses most when down in the deep of his emotions as it is the easy to master and the quickest and most effective way to either keep people at a range or bring them in for some hand to hand combat. It is most effective with larger objects as being precise is extremely hard to accomplish. However, it can be precise the closer he is to the surface of his emotions. This is also a power that has a lot of raw untapped strength with his highest level of telekinesis being strong enough to lift around 1,000 kilograms. This power is more in order to bring enemies closer and so they would be easier to fight. The max lifting power is only due to the emotional outburst and his telekinesis can normally only lift up to 90 kilograms or around 200 pounds.
Sonic Distortion: This is his least popular power yet his most practiced since it’s the hardest to master and use effectively. How it works is when he is in danger and he knows it he will either release a large built up ‘thunderclap’ that discharges a massive amount of sound therefore stunning and giving the enemy either dizziness or it will seem like the world is off balance. This also can be used in tricking foes due to him being able to mimic some sounds such as a gunshot or sound barrier crash. This is how he escapes after he either knows he's beaten or he’s in a crowded civilian area and won’t go into his emotions.
Emotional Siphon: This is how he can get more powerful while in his emotions. How he does this one is he feeds off the anger around him. If there are any other emotions that he takes in when using this power, it automatically nullifies the rage coming into his system. For example, if there is rage in the room and he begins to siphon it into himself but another person is feeling fear the two emotions cancel each other out leaving him no stronger. After he steals an emotion from a person that person immediately is the opposite of the emotion he stole. If someone was angry and he took that, the person is now calm and peaceful, if he stole sadness that person is now happy.  It also works that it doesn’t make him numerous times stronger but if he is lacking and can’t seem to keep up he’ll use his sonic distortion and try to find someone angry to either become more powerful or make that man angrier. That’s where his other part of this power comes in. He can manipulate emotions of others when using anger. He can manipulate anyone to feel angrier towards someone or something. But to the person, he manipulates it will just seem like nothing happened except that they have a right to be angry.
Weaknesses: Range Opponents, Telepaths, Other Emotional Users, Speed
Range Opponents: These are by far the most danger to him as he simply just can’t see or hit opponents who stay at range. The deeper he goes in the harder it is for him to see far away. At 10% he can only see around 25-30 meters away. Any higher than that and it dramatically decreases. At his standing 40%, his effective range is 15 feet max. If someone is firing at him from far he just won’t be able to fight back and will either have to get closer or run away.
Telepaths: They have a special place in his heart because they can be both a detriment and a help to him. On one side they can be a very dangerous ally to his enemies due to the fact that they can and most likely will alter what emotions he is using.  If he’s deep and is fighting and a telepath decides to step-in and alter him to either peaceful or any other emotion, it will basically be grounding him. He’ll reverse out of there and won’t be any effective because now he still has the dizziness but won’t have his powers. They can also be a help to him as they can boost his emotions at a certain level which won’t drive him deeper but instead will reinforce those powers and make things clearer of what he’s fighting. But with that help, it also becomes an addiction and a need for when he’s fighting. Its like a drug and the more you take it the more you want it which will eventually drive him to be useless without the emotional boost. 
Other Emotional Users: This is probably the rarest but most effective weakness as it will ground him almost instantly. When in the deep he can only feel that one emotion or else it will snap him out of it. Most of the time he can withstand some emotional onslaught but the minute another emotional user is brought into the mix it will bring him out. The only drawback is that once you bring out another emotional user and decide to ground Zac the same will happen to that user and both will be utterly useless in combat. Other than that all users now have a pact and a promise that they will not hurt or kill any other users in order to prevent the first user’s war and the following destruction.
Speed: This is probably one of the most self-explanatory as the literal only defense he has against this use is his amazing reaction speed. If a user is incredibly fast he will only be able to watch the user do so and will most likely not have enough time or endurance to react and protect himself. Now that’s not saying that everyone with a little speed will be able to get under his defenses but very fast users will be able to hurt him a lot. They won’t do as much as ripping his emotional powers away from him but they will be able to affect the outcome of the battle.
Weapons: The Edge of Anger (Sword), The Rage (Axe), Siphon (unknown as he does not possess it currently)
The Edge of Anger: This is his main sword from the 1st Regime of Users. This is probably the most powerful sword out of all in the Armory in the 1st Regime museum but it also has the most drawback. It’s a 3’10-foot-long blade that glows red when the user is in the deep. It can swing the hardest and pierce and rip through the most but it also takes a toll on the user. The more you use this artifact on others the harder it is to recover. So for example, if you fight for an hour straight with just other live beings it will take you around 2 days to recover. If you fight for any longer its easily 3 days plus due to the anger and physical strain that occurs. However, this can be nullified if you decide to not use the anger through the blade and just have it be a strong blade. It’s a rare artifact that can cut through most metals and will ultimately be very strong if Rage has the ability to use it correctly.
The Rage: This is the handheld ax that he carries on his hip. It has the same abilities as the Edge but it doesn’t hurt him as much as the edge does. It is powerful but can’t cut through most objects due to hits hacking and not piercing blade. It is made for brute force and literal destroying. It is not a finesse weapon and if used like one a loss and most likely death will occur. The entire axe is around 2 feet long with the blade being around 5 inches. When slammed down on something to either break its hold or stun and injure it, it uses the anger involuntarily draining his inner maximum. Meaning, that when used it will drain the user regardless of whether he wants it to or not. Although, when the ax does this it doesn’t hurt the user as much has a much larger and stronger blade like the Edge would.
Siphon: The only information is that it’s an emotional neutralizer that can be used on any user to nullify their emotions. It is a blade. That is all that is known.
Armour: None. He prefers to use his brute strength and rage to rip apart the enemies before they can get enough hits off to kill him.
Personality: Although almost everyone believes that Zac is the vilest and angry person that has ever walked the planet. This is completely false as Zac is probably one of the most caring and loving people that has ever walked the planet. He hates his powers and only uses them to help others. People still don’t see that way. In person, he cares for everyone and donates 60% of what he makes to the people in need. He’s kind, caring and nervous in front of people but will not hesitate to stand up to people who are bullying and creating havoc. He’s quiet and reserved but will silently watch everyone until he gets a good idea of what the person is.
Relatives: Riley Versaille ~ Brilliance User
Home Planet: Nevarion
Species: Human/ Emotional Aura
The backstory on powers: Rage’s powers are of lore and mystery from the planet he comes from. There are very few in history that possesses this power but yet there could be more considering that in order to have this power activated a traumatic emotional event or loss must occur. How it works is after that initial event his power is constantly activated by the user transitioning his emotions quickly. For example, if the user’s power is peace the more at peace he is with himself or the others around him the more powerful he becomes. The type of power also correlates with what the user can do with that power. So a peace user would most likely be a healer or a creator. The more emotionally active that user is with that specific emotion the more powerful he will become. This also has to do with if the user can even identify the specific emotion. As of now not adding him or his sister there were only 6 users with this power. So far there has been a Courage, Fear, Sadness, Greed, Jealousy, and Ambition. The most powerful of all of those users was Fear as he created the most fear around him and thus fed off of it. Three of the users; Fear, Ambition, and Sadness were alive with each other and Ambition and Sadness had to work together to take down Fear. In the end, the only one left at that time was Sadness. Once the others had passed he had achieved a power greater than Fear even had. Sadness passed away and the next century brought Greed. Greed was one of the weaker users but he did, in fact, have power. Sadly, he was killed trying to defeat a mob boss and his body was never recovered. Jealousy was next and he was the second most powerful user coming in after Sadness. He ruled a world of darkness and little happiness. Nothing could have stopped him and it was rumored that at the peak of his power he could manipulate space and time. He was eventually killed when Courage was created. Courage had trumped all of the others powers combined and he still reigns to this day. He’s around 57 years old and never accepts any apprentices unless they show serious power. However, he will also not take any repeats of the same emotions as he says once that emotion is used it will never be used again until the cycle is completed. So far he has not had a single true invitation and he refuses to give up on the fact that another user will come forward eventually.
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Under Review#2PostSubject: Re: Zac Versaille    Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:54 pm

Under Review.


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Under Review#3PostSubject: Re: Zac Versaille    Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:02 pm

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Zac Versaille

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