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 Leverian interactions on planet X-7a

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#1PostSubject: Leverian interactions on planet X-7a   Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:29 pm

A Leverian Cruiser slowly drops out of the atmosphere, it hovers a good 5 miles off the surface of the planet. Its a light blue Leverian Legionairee Arbiter. One of the strongest ships in the Leigon. The ship opens its hangar bay on the back of the vessel. A dropship launches out of the large vessel, in three minutes the dropship is on the ground.

Nothing was around, mostly just prairy grasses around the field the ship landed in. After the dropship landed, the large cruiser launched up into the atmosphere, no doubt going to orbit the planet until the Leverians on the ground completed their mission or needed air support.

Soon the dropship opened and out marched a whole company, lightly armed forces with a light blue camouflage on their suits. The company soon started breaking off scouting the area, a small platoon walked to began scouting a ridge. Little did they know what they where going to find.
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#2PostSubject: Re: Leverian interactions on planet X-7a   Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:51 pm

The Light Frigate known as Brilliance was doing its routine check of the area after reports of an unknown ship trespassing through the area. The Scelforians weren't in the mood to send a destroyer to destroy a small threat so they put the smaller faster frigates on the job. They were flying a routine check over the planet X-7a the small ship's engines blasting a dark blue fuel. The Captain sat on the bridge of the futuristic ship his eyes scanning the landscape as his crew worked the ship. Just then a larger ship dropped out of the sky seemingly out of nowhere. It was much larger than the frigate but as soon as the dropship fell out and to the ground, the frigate knew they could make contact. The guns were locked onto the larger ship until it blasted back up into orbit. The frigate put the much smaller but quieter engines into action as they brought the ship down lightly into a neighboring valley. As the ship landed the landing gear shot out catching it with little to no bump. The minute the cargo hold opened 15 men piled out their weapons held high as the tiny lasers scanned the landscape watching for any movement. The Captain walked out behind them his pistol withdrawn. He did a circular movement with his hand as the troops fanned out into groups of two as they began to set up positions hidden around the ship. He looked at his first mate who stood to his right and then the next in command on his left. The ships cargo hold was still open and a gunner with a large LMG sat in the bay watching over the landscape. The Captain nodded at the two before raising the hand not holding the rifle and shooting up a green flare. It was brilliant as it raised up over the landscape shining as far as the eye could see. This wasn't a flare to show for a rescue they just wanted to meet with the people who had been flying over since they had shown no outwards signs of aggression.
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Leverian interactions on planet X-7a

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