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 The end of a civilization

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Private#1PostSubject: The end of a civilization   Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:50 pm

It was chaos...

The Council had called back every single Anunaqi in the Convergence Galaxy to aid back home with the war against the Narx'un which had begun to escalate.

The Narx'un had grown to numerous and overwhelmed the city as the creatures swarmed the caves of Irqalla. The Anunaqi had no choice but to fall to desperate measures, these beasts could not endanger any more planets.

Irqalla was already showing signs of instabilities, the Narx'un had drained its resources, dug too deep. So the Anunaqi set their world to self-destruct. A prototype that they were testing for teleportation experiments, the teleportation of an entire planet. Or in their case what was left of their planet since irqalla wasn't really one.

They descended deeper into the broken planet to where the prototype facility lays, and decided to overload the reactors. it was their last chance to protect the galaxy.


Irqalla was gone as a massive explosion turned the planet to dust along with everyone and everything in it.

There was only Xa'ra, the sole survivor due to having ship malfunctions. The last of her kind.
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The end of a civilization

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