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 An Anonymous It

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Danihg Zuhn Bagoon
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Private#1PostSubject: An Anonymous It   Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:42 pm

The ordriey zipped through after the animal it had been chasing for the past 15 minutes. It was a medium sized critter but that wouldn't matter to the one hunting desperately for it. Running on all six's, tight and sharp twists around corners, alleys, streets and even through buildings if it was possible at all. Leaping and occasionally gliding through the air when it came to heights that would be required in order to gain height to catch up to the critter. Before then it had not a realization any sooner that it had lost the catch for tonight's dinner and the ordriey skidded down to a halt afterwards.

This was Danihg Zuhn Bagoon. It had been a long while since he had made an appearance to the public eye. He had very few reasons as to why he came out: Food and water and the search to accompany someone. Possibly a job out here. Danihg recalled being a member of The Immortals but he tried to push it to the back of mind to forget it all. 

He brushed himself with his hands as he stood up. Shaking his mane and tail which now was matted with filth. The ordriey's whole body and clothing were dirtied to the point where his clothes and skin didn't look white or even show the yellows and greys in his suit. Danihg had not cleaned himself nor any of his clothing for however long it had been. He had been living out like a wild beast but he didn't seem to care as he walked inside a building. The next thing that the ordriey saw was a robot far bigger and taller than he was.

Danihg looked at it with a puzzled look on his face as he thought, "That couldn't be possibly him?!" He scratched at himself like he had fleas or something and stared at his own dirty, torn and tattered clothing he wore. The ordriey wondered as it looked right up at Tower who was a robot. He had been carrying a basket strapped to his back the entire trip and again thought about what he had missed should have been his pups dinner for the night. Danihg still stared with ears laid low and flat as he went into a crouching position feeling so small and little like a pup he used to be at one time.

Danihg Zuhn Bagoon The Ordriey's Theme Song
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An Anonymous It

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