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 Marcus The Scientist [Development]

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Private#1PostSubject: Marcus The Scientist [Development]   Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:41 pm

"Can you hurry up?" One of Marcus's fellow scientists would say."I almost found it." Marcus would say with his normal ice cold voice."Caught it." Marcus would pull out of his pocket a Hexagon shaped artifact.The Other Scientists would look with confusion in their eyes."That is what you have been studying?!" One of the scientists shout at Marcus.Suddently the Hexagon started to twitch and emit tiny bits of light.Marcus would turn around and would finally make a expression that made the other scientists start to fear what comes next...."Holy shit what did i bring with me?!" He'd tell himself,visibly scared,only for the Hexagon start floating and spinning rapidly and creating more light.The Hexagon suddently stops spinning in the air and stops producing light and it slowly floats back down."Ok that was wierd..." One of the scientists would say."Maybe the drawings on the walls of the ruins are the answer...." Marcus would say to himself.
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Marcus The Scientist [Development]

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