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 A meeting With...

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Aaon Zebulon


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Public#1PostSubject: A meeting With...   Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:51 pm

Cold, lifeless yet with a warm soothing beat. Its heart still beat within the deep caverns of his heart. Slowly waking yet walking into the light. Aaon was on his way to exit this deep forgotten place. Pulling out into the forest, when the animals roam free and the air thickened with a bloodless aroma. He entered into this new place as a man and as a boy.
Strobe with his black cloak, his feet walked over the ground like he was one with the life around him. But, it was sure that things where not as they seem. He broaden his wings and connected his claws. Time to look for food, time to test as a anew.
Bolting from trunk to trunk, he slipped into the bushes as if it was second nature. Nabbing his blades on the branches to help guide his way through. Winding the wind on his back gliding through. This was the outer world, and even though he had lived his for nearly a century. this was the first truly seeing the sky's above. His masked began filtering the oxygen around him for Scelfor natural pressure was a bit to great for the young lad to take. To make it to the Highlands by wing is a journey of three days so now was the time to get use to this world. Blasting throw trees and the logs fell into place. taking down the behemoths was easy. Preparing them was another to be said. The support bars to keep his make shift home stable where first to be lay down. Within the next two days the roof would be down alone with the flooring. As the end of the week came. His home would be finished. In this place he will begin to train. To use what he has learned and to begin the faze of blending in. Reapers, as they could not be normally seen, has to be able to take human form. From there they would move on. day One began and nothing was going to stop his way.
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A meeting With...

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