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 Cretaceous park (open, dev)

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Public#1PostSubject: Cretaceous park (open, dev)   Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:12 pm

New theme park opening soon on Parhichi! A theme park dedicated to our new military recreational units. Science But mostly robotica have created wonderous creatures for everyone to enjoy! The units are not kept secure, they are made to be passive towards civilians wich allows them to freely roam around the park among civilians. The park has artificial and unnecesary because feeding shows, rides, weapon tests and other attractions. All are welcome to Cretaceous park! 

While the park had already opened, the robots itself were still being finalized. They had AI to match the behaviour of the animals they were modeled after but their perceptive settings allowed remote switching between what is an enemy and who is an enemy. Wich eliminated the thread of an old monster movie from repeating itself on Parhichi. While they were expensive to make, the drosden fleet had no issues with resources to produce these creatures. The server that divided the control between the robots was secure and ready to fend of hackers. The park itself was constructed, many little roads led through the fields where the giant new mechabots were roaming around.
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Cretaceous park (open, dev)

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