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Under Review#1PostSubject: Vulprimus   Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:10 am

Name: Vulprimus
Homeplanet: Unknown
Sentience: Sentient

"Normal" Powers:

"Black Hole" Powers
The black hole vulprimus aren't necessarily a subspecies, but they certainly could be classified as one with their drastic change. When a vulprimus is not given enough sunlight, they will develop darker colors and dangerous powers. Those powers include:
Enhanced Strength:
Plasma Blasts:
Electrokinesis (Psychic Electricity Control):
Pyrokinesis (Psychic Fire Control):
Gravity Control:


"Normal" Weaknesses


"Black Hole" Weaknesses



Body: They have a body type not unlike those of humans, with males being much more tall and lean while females are shorter and stockier. Males have a longer, thinner, and more "reptilian" sort of tail, while females have a fluffier and more "canine" tail. Both genders possess four long pointed ears and vaguely fox-like visages, upon which there is a triangular black nose on the end and a strange marking in place of all other facial features. Contrary to what you may believe, this "marking" is actually their eye. Finally, they have no mouths, for vulprimus photosynthesize rather than eat.

Height: Males average a height of 6'4", while females are typically 5'6". It is entirely possible for them to be taller or shorter, however.

Weight: Around 150 for males, and 160 for females.

Colors: They are very colorful creatures, which can help or hurt them when it comes to camouflaging on the many planets they choose to explore. They come in shades of purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, grey and white. The fur color is always darker around their fluffy manes and on their tails.

Black Hole Form

Black hole vulprimus have black manes and tails at the start of their transformation. The longer they go without sunlight, the more they change; later they will develop a different colored base fur, becoming purple or blue in addition to the darker colored parts of their fur, and at the very end of their transformation they will be all-black with a white facial marking/sensory organ.


When it comes to culture and gender stereotypes, the vulprimus are known to have little to none. They are very independant, often traveling the cosmos alone and without companionship, leaving them to make things up as they go along. They are so solitary and their species is so rare they don't even know they're an entire species, sometimes.

Due to their lack of a language, vulprimus tend to have no names at birth; they are often referred to by nicknames given by other life forms they meet in their travels.


The Vulprimus are a race of vaguely fox-like beings with little recorded history. They are heavily nomadic, and spend most of their lives traveling the galaxy and beyond. Their tendancy to be vagabonds is one of the main reasons they have no recorded history; they are rare creatures to begin with, and thus they are so few and far between that they don't get together long enough to so much as mention the idea of keeping records. The other reason is that they don't have any way of verbally communicating among each other, so they couldn't share such information even if they tried.

Many vulprimus, rare as they are, often choose to be mechanics, or else pursue other jobs that require knowledge of technology or mental prowess. If deprived of sunlight, these intelligent creatures will progress into a state known as the "black hole" state, for lack of a better term. Black hole vulprimus have a destructive nature and a dark coloration of some sort, giving rise to the term. Though they can be turned back into normal specimens with enough sunlight exposure, some vulprimus will cloak themselves and actively avoid light in order to prevent losing the powers that come with their transformation. Those vulprimus often become terrorists and criminals.

More Example Artwork:
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Under Review#2PostSubject: Re: Vulprimus   Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:40 pm

you probaply need to have some concrete weaknesses to them. Most of these are just quirks.
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Under Review#3PostSubject: Re: Vulprimus   Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:34 am



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