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 VDTF Assailant Dev Thread

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Murder Lizerd

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#1PostSubject: VDTF Assailant Dev Thread   Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:51 am

Zoro licked his muzzle out of nervousness as he stood in front of Daran Thyva Ist'Ladaren. Not only did his job hang here, so did his life as they were the only two there. Zoro was sure all calculations were correct, these guns had been in the making for months and months, no other could top them. He shifted his weight back from one leg to on both his feet and stood at his full height. With confidence, he spoke, "As you were told, I've brought you here to showcase some of the weapons I've been designing, the Assailant Auto Gauss Cannon."

"I hope that is a joke, Zukan. The VDTF have been using the Assailant for years," The much larger Vekimen asked, no friendliness in his voice. He sounded annoyed as if there was anywhere else on the planet he would rather be.

Zoro chuckled nervously, he expected an answer of that sort "Of course, the highest calibre we have to this point is the 420mm. It is effective no doubt, but after many calculations, I've developed larger versions that hit with much more force, without draining the ship" he said regaining his confidence.

Daran seemed to take interest in that. "You developed a way for our current ship power sources to maintain a good rate of fire with larger rounds?" He asked, crossing his arms. "How much bigger are we talking here?" 

The much smaller Vekimen grinned, eager to show his work "I have developed two new barrel sizes, maybe more to come, the 800mm and 1600mm. The 800 mm fires a singular round every 20 seconds, and the 1600mm every 45. The second is quite slower, but the impact could wipe out a species, tear holes through capital ships, and put a serious dent in a planet. All while using the tungsten round of course."

Daran seemed to nod. "Yes... Rounds like that would certainly do quite the number. What is the standstill muzzle velocity of the weapons?" He inquired, looking the smaller Vekimen over.

Zoro popped an answer back almost instantly, these numbers were burned into his brain "The maximum velocity I could reach without overloading anything was 899,377 meters per second"

"So then I take it those were simulations?" Daran asked, looking down. "Do you have a functional model on a capital ship rated for this? I do not recall approving any prototype Dreadnoughts..."

Zoro nodded "They were indeed, no functioning capital ships with this weapon system yet, hence why we are having this meeting, but the plans are all worked out and ready for the engineers and builders. As for testing the weapon, at least the 1600mm, it must be done in space, any impact on our planet will do severe damage across the board because of its size." 

"I suppose we will have to find the moon or a planetoid to test it on then... I am liking this... You have my permission to create a Dreadnought outfitted with two 1600 and two 800mm canons."


A month later Zoro stood on a Dreadnought outfitted with his improved guns and capacitors. His visions had gone from the drawing board to real life. Zoro's head snapped left and right, completely amazed at the size and technology aboard it as Zoro and Daran walked to the bridge. 

The ship was positioned in front of a fairly large asteroid for testing purposes. Zoro could hardly contain his excitement as he looked through the windows at the asteroid that was about to be completely obliterated. He looked over at the captain of the ship, Daran Thyva Ist'Ladaren, and said in a respectful manner "Everything is a go, weapons are ready to fire on your command"

Daran nodded, looking over the Astroid. It was several million kilometres away. "Alright. Full flank speed. I want to destroy this rock..." He said, the inertia dampeners whining as it stopped the entire crew from being thrown backwards from the sudden and intense acceleration. The Ships were designed to withstand sudden acceleration, and it only took a minute to reach .25c. 

"Fire on my mark..." Daran prepared, the weapons master preparing the firing solution. "Mark!"

The 1600mm cannon fired first, and the ship jolted far to suddenly for the dampeners to take effect. Daran stumbled but caught himself, several other bridge members being thrown to the ground. The round hitting was worth it though.

The cloud of Debris was impressive, to say the least, but they could see the massive asteroid had cracked into multiple larger pieces. "That is what this weapon does?!" He asked, before laughing. "I like it... We need to calibrate systems, but I like it a lot..."

Zoro grinned as the round struck the rock, he had been worried about the capacitors and such as the round had charged up. Relieved to see his work finally come through and pay off. Zoro turned smiling "Yes sir, truly a devastating weapon." he paused for a moment "The necessary calibrations will be done" he added as an afterthought.

"Good... I cannot wait to see these weapons on the field of battle. Get about setting the Calibrations..." He ordered.

Zoro nodded and sat at the weapons station terminal. This was where he felt at home. He accessed the energy consumption .log file and looked over it, then he accessed the .sys file for the actual consumption.  

if: .firerate= 2 then 720w= .pc
var. run /secondarycapicitors.exe/C:programfilesx86/EngCons/1600mm
.mainsys= 750w
activate .secondarycapicitors
if .secondarycapicitors= <750w activate /.thirdstagecapicitors
messagebox. "Third stage activate? Y/N"
if userinput=Y then /thirdstatgecapicitors.sys/C:programfilesx86/Engcons/1600mm
if userinput=N  runnextline
max power= 800 if <800 then terminate /C:programfilesx86/Engcons/1600/energycapicitors
.messagebox if  "Overload, attempt cooling?"
if .userinput=Y run /C:programfilesx86/Engcons/1600/cooling.exe
.var if .tempature<4000F then activate .waterblast
if .tempature still<4000F then activate .evenbiggerwaterblast
if .tempature still<4000F then .messagebox "X.X"
.userinput= N then display .messagebox "abandon all hope"

Zoro stood up from his calibrations and closed the file. After flexing his fingers to release the stiffness that comes from prolonged typing, and he exited the bridge.
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Level 5

Murder Lizerd

Posts : 29
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#2PostSubject: Re: VDTF Assailant Dev Thread   Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:52 am

((OOC Note)) This was a Joint Post. Co-Authored by Lutana Rhu'Ladaran on the website
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VDTF Assailant Dev Thread

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