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 Kath's escape [Solo story development]

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Private#1PostSubject: Kath's escape [Solo story development]   Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:14 am

Solo story: Character development

Kath's escape

Location: UNSC Prison
Date: Jan 2564
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Continuation from thread ... 

Kath turned the corner setting off into a sprint, UNSC reinforcements would be on their way, probably a frigate is in orbit as of present. Stopping to check a local access map Kath synthesised his exit plan, a rectangular wire-image depicted the small station with its twists and turns cut into the side of a rock face with a cargo hangar located a few access tunnels ahead. A screech paused Kaths thought process, the demon rounded the corner of the access tunnel. 

His fingers were already gripping the cool metallic pistol, he was ready. The demon lunged, twisting its body through the air eyes enraged. Stepping back with his left foot and raising the side arm Kath formed his stance just as the twisted 7' mass with claws raised crashed into him. Muscle memory caused Kath's torso to flinch and flow round the side of the demon with the claws scraping the skin off his chest. With no armour, just the orange prison-suit, it would only take one wound to get him killed. Grabbing the demon by the left horn he yanked the bullish head into the moving floor below, pistol in hand he move it point blank onto the head squeezing the trigger.

Blood soaked Kath reached a guards locker room, he wasn't proud of what he was about to do but he had too little time to gain access to the armoury. Prying open the lockers gave Kath a hefty sum of Credits to add to those the old Arcanist 'lent' him. Black combat trousers, black shirt, black boots, leg holster, a rather nice watch and utility belt. Black was in season after all. He left for the hangar.

Time was ticking, Kath sat at the hangar traffic control room bashing his hands onto the holographic pads that sprawled out in front of him. He couldn't get the hangar door open. Lights started flashing on the control panel "*Crackle... Come in, this is the UNSC frigate Titan do you read? ONI strike team will be with you shortly, standby". ONI, Kath knew ONI. He would make the best of a bad situation, jumping out of his seat he made his way down into the hangar and the only ship that was there, a cargo junker. Its not pretty but it would get him to FTL, but not far enough as he would of hoped on its fuel range.

Kath knelt in the cold darkness, he had switched off all the hangar lighting. The ONI strike team would switch to thermals, and he was perfectly positioned behind the nitrogen cooling unit used for ship reactor start ups. The hangar doors opened, only very faint background light surrounded the black ship with green beacon lights, an ONI ship. Its landing thrusters blasted landing Pad 02B with hot air blowing away the dust that accumulated. The black ships rear ramp activated, eight soldiers disembarked. Two fire teams of four. Their initial thermal scans missed Kath behind the cooling facility, finally they moved off into the access tunnels. Their senor packages were tuned for Demons anyway. It was time, Kath sneaked across Pad 02B up the ships ramp towards the cockpit. The pilot was oblivious to Kath and his pistol aimed at the back of the helmet, but a pistol would be too loud. With the pilot unconscious Kath engaged the ships auto destruct, a large enough hindrance that he could escape with the junker. 

00:05:00 read on the ONI ships counter. Kath dragged the pilot behind the cooling facility followed by sprinting to the junker to perform an emergency start up on the primary engine. 00:01:16 remaining. VTOL thrusters engaged, small arms fire was sounding from out side, but it was too late. Kath was off breaking atmosphere like a stone skipping on water.

Where to next? He wasn't sure, now a fugitive of the UNSC he felt alone amongst the stars. Finally, with a grin sliding across his face he activated FTL.

Thread end.
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Kath's escape [Solo story development]

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