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 Test #1/Codename: Cavalier

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#1PostSubject: Test #1/Codename: Cavalier   Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:20 pm

The ship had launched with success. It had taken the ship 15 minutes to get out of orbit and then another 45 minutes to pass Scefor II. It was so much faster than the old carriers and was the most spacious and comfortable. The ship looked slick with the dark black outside and the red stripe down the middle. The guns were gleaming next to the void of space as they looked deadly. The engines worked hard as they started towards the sun. The estimated time to get there would be around 2 hours. Back at Base Omega where the ship's diagnostics were being monitored. 
"Sir the LR1 Engine is now charging" A man in a dark black helmet with a monitor visible from the outside of his mask.  
"Good when do they leave the system?" A man walked up saying this as he was dressed in an officers uniform.
"Approximately 3 hours sir." The man replied as he pulled up a diagram of the path. 
"Very well try and ration out the fuel more so we can parade around Scelfor II if this works," He said before walking away. 

While they were discussing back on Scelfor I, Rear Admiral Rourk sits on the bridge of the Destroyer his eyes scanning the void landscape. As the ship made its last correction to the flight path the sun came into view. Everyone on board was required to wear specialized settings on the visors while they watched it. It nullified most of the harm letting them still see the beauty of the sun. "Ain't that a sight huh.." Said Bridge Colonel Jacque. 
"It's certainly a sight that no one will forget.." He replied not looking at him. 

Around two hours later they were going behind the sun the heat hitting the bridge slightly. The bridge was reflecting the sun as well where the men on the lower decks got a view from the reflection in the bridge. Just as we made it around the sun in around 22 minutes we hit the hard drive the engines flaring as the ship boosted by both the engines and the gravity leapt forward at a pace never felt before. Everyone on the ship stumbled as they got the air knocked out of them. No one was seriously hurt but instead happy and relieved that it didn't blow up in their faces. They knew they only need to stay in this form of travel for 4 hours before they got the coordinates of the battle. Nothing was going be prepared for the Scelforians and none of the Scelforians were prepared for what they were going to see. The guns were readied and the engines turned off one by one and cleaned. The mechs were sparked, the guns cleaned, maintenance on break resting.  The cargo hold was a buzz of excitement and the bridge was getting the alignment systems ready. Then the bridge door slides open with nothing more than a hiss. 

The man's eyes flashed with cold, shimmering gold. His coat black and red were clean as he marched onto the bridge. His pistol was strapped to his belt and he walked up to the Rear Admiral. 
"I think it's about time we got this show on the road eh?" The man said with a flourish. 
The Admiral saluted and said. "Yes sir we've radioed ahead and as soon as the battle is over the Drosden Fleet will be ready to speak with you, sir." 
"Ah marvelous! I can't wait to break the windpipes or in this case receptors of these robots." 
The Admiral laughed. "Its good to have you aboard Cameron." 
"Its good to be aboard Admiral.." 
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Test #1/Codename: Cavalier

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