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 The Beginning of THE show

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#1PostSubject: The Beginning of THE show   Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:49 pm

"Today....We´ll get you ready to blow your brain up" cut to Chef Smacking a plate out of a natives Hand "What the fubleep Is this Donkey Shbleep?!" Because This Show is gonna filll your brain with recipes. All.Around.The Galaxy
cut to Chef Crouching over a fireplace "The secret is To roast only the Baginses Shell So you taste the Soft insides with The Shell wich´ll basically be like Chips" 7 days a week at 8pm Get ready to Witness the Chefs recipes on an intergalactic Level "I Hope you´re ready you fubleep peasants" Outro plays
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The Beginning of THE show

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