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 The White Death

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Public#1PostSubject: The White Death   Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:42 pm

It began with a simple contract to eliminate an Imperial officer who had stuck his nose where it shouldn't be. A very easy job in comparison to everything else he'd ever done. There were few details given, just that the officer needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. The pay was extremely high. Given the nature of the contract, the pay should've been a lot lower. But William didn't argue.

However, everything very quickly went south when his target was sent to a warzone, which meant he had to follow the damn lizard into a wartorn planet. Waiting was impossible, for the stipulations on the contract clearly stated that it was to be done as soon as possible - he couldn't just wait out the conflict down planetside. 

And so it was that William Watley, the grim reaper and the White death, took on the guise of a mercenary and boarded a crew of hired guns waiting to be sent to the frontlines....
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Public#2PostSubject: Re: The White Death   Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:22 pm

Zar'mek Terskar was a simple Optio in the Serpentum Legion assigned to aid Legate Vurmass Krell of the 101st Legion tasked with securing the fallen world of Talin from Seraphim pirates that refused the Tech king's claim on the planet. Deadly Seraphim mechs battled one another with Imperial ground forces engaged in warfare in the lush forests of the agricultural world.

Before his deployment Terskar learned of a major smuggling ring hidden inside the Helix territories and partly within Imperial borders itself,his requests on pursing the smugglers had been postponed by command who see the current campaign far more important then hunting a few outlaws.He was extremely concerned of this ring due to the evidence that they where smuggling Helix technology to unknown sources...He suspected this ring is responsible for arming rebel groups such as the pirates the Imperium is currently engaged with,it made the efforts of reclaiming the North significantly harder.

Near the frontline at a temporary basecamp established in a clearing in the Talin forest,the legate awaited the arrival of a set of mercs hired by the empire to reinforce some of the less fortunate regiments engaged with the Seraphim pirates designated as Clan Talin. A dropship appeared and landed in the middle of the basecamp,the doors opened to the sight of gruff soldiers from various backgrounds...All mercs hired from whatever hole the empire found them in.

The Legate showed the mercs their tent and ordered them to get settled and to prepare for combat as they would be sent to the front shortly.

Distant explosions and gunfire surrounded the camp breaking any notion of peace in a rather peaceful forest. 


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The White Death

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