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 LEGIONNAIRE Power Armour Mk.1

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#1PostSubject: LEGIONNAIRE Power Armour Mk.1   Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:39 pm

The LEGIONNAIRE Power Armour Mk.1 is the most advanced armour in the GSU's arsenal. A spiritual successor to the MJOLNIR GEN2 armour system, the LEGIONNAIRE armour is better than its predecessor in every way. The armour, like the MJOLNIR, can be separated into two categories: first and second layer. These layers are detailed below.

Inner Layer:
The first component of the inner layer is the skinsuit. The skinsuit is a specially designed, moisture-absorbing synthetic material. The material is covered with a layer of nanobots numbering in the millions underneath, each of which contains a specialised medical gel that heal wounds through the use of artificially made stem cells. The skinsuit is also lined with electrical components that connect it to the suit's computer systems.
The second layer consists of two components: the gel layer and the titanium body suit. The gel layer regulates the temperature of the suit and can change its shape to match the shape of the wearer. The titanium bodysuit is a flexible suit worn attached over the gel layer. It works in cojunction with the gel layer in that the titanium bodysuit controls the gel layer as well as protect the wearer from ballistic weapnry and heat based weaponry to a very limited degree.
The titanum bodysuit also contains patches of conductive crystals that allow the suit to house its dumb AI and another additional smart AI should the suit need to carry one.

Outer Layer:
The first of the outer layers connects directly to the titanium nanocomposite bodysuit utilising a series of hardpoint connections. This layer is composed of kalgenite and makes up the first actual layer of armour. Within the thick layer of kalgenite runs a series of fibre bundles that are responsible for enhancing the wearer's strength. The wires all run back to an armoured section under the back of zalgenite armour that connects to a series of electrical transmitters along the spine leading all the way to the main neuro-electrical reciever. The reciever connects to the Legionnaire's neural lace which enables the suit to translate the wearer's movements. Somewhere under this layer resides the plasma-fusion hybrid reactor that powers the suit along with a smaller backup power supply located a few inches underneath it.
The second layer is the outermost component of the armour - the additional armour. These are strategically placed in specific areas such as the forearms, shoulders legs, chest, and especially the back area where the power sources and electrical conductors and receivers are located. The helmet is included in this part of the armour.

The helmet is the most important component of the armour. It has two layers: an inner layer of thin yet powerful synthetic fabric in order to ensure the comfort of the wearer. The inner layer has a layer of gel inside it that shapes the inside of the helmet to fit the wearer. The gel also acts as as a protective substance against ballistic attacks as a last resort should the outermost layer of the helmet fail.
The second layer is the actual armoured part of the helmet like the rest of the suit is made of kalgenite.
The helmet features a visor made of bulletproof fibreglass covered in refractive coating to disperse heat-based weaponry. The visor features a Heads-Up-Display that links to the rest of the suit and supplies the Legionnaire with tactical and battlefield information as well as the status of the armour. The helmet also contains a powerful communications array that enables the Legionnaire to communicate with any units planet-wide and even when underground to a very limited extent. Other miscellaneous features include: motion sensors, thermal imaging, night vision, ammunition count and 4x binoculars as well as targeting systems for the built-in plasma cannon and built-in point defense laser projectors.
The most important aspect however is the neural interface system that connects the helmet to the user's thoughts by linking with the neural lace implanted at the back of the Legionnaire's skull.

Built-In Equipment:
Pulse lasers: The shoulder-pads on the armour house three pulse laser projectors on each side. These weapons shoot a concentrated laser beam at whichever target the Legionnaire is facing towards and targeting is assisted by the Legionnaire's HUD. The pulse lasers take three seconds to charge up and approximately five seconds to cool off. The lasers are extremely powerful and capable of melting through several centimetres of titanium with a single shot. They are also very effective at cutting through energy shielding although this depends on the strength of the energy shielding itself.

Plasma Cannon: Stored inside one of either forearm on the suit (depending on the user's preference) is a plasma cannon that is capable of folding out at the Legionnaire's will. This cannon, with the aid of the onboard targeting system, fires a golfball-sized plasma orb that explosively releases a massive burst of plasma energy. This is incredibly deadly against any type of target and is primarily intended to be used against light-to-medium armoured vehicles as the projectiles are capable of melting through thick armour. The plasma cannon also has a maximum effective range of 400 meters.

Plasma Swords and Daggers: Each gauntlet contains a power supply and a mini-magnetic field generator that, upon the user's wish, activates a 1.20 meter-long plasma sword. Two additional plasma daggers are also stored in designated compartments in the armour, one slotted into each shoulder that activate upon being unsheathed.

Thrusters: The suit features thrusters located on the upper legs, shoulders, and back of the armour to allow the Legionnaire to evade an attack quickly with a simple burst in any direction. Should Legionnaire need to perform orbital re-entry, the thrusters on the back of the armour extend outwards to reveal two more exhaust ports. The secondary power supply feeds most of its power into all six of these exhaust ports in order to ensure maximum thrust and decrease in velocity as the Legionnaire falls towards the planet. The remainder of the power is directed to the energy shield generators located inside the arms, legs, torso and back of the armour to amplify its strength and prevent the increased heat from damaging the armour.

Magical Resistance:
Magical enchantments provided by The Fey enable the armour to have a limited amount of magic-based attacks.
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LEGIONNAIRE Power Armour Mk.1

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