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#1PostSubject: MJOLNIR GEN2   Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:37 pm

The MJOLNIR GEN2 armour is the latest and perhaps the most advanced piece of equipment in the GSU's arsenal. Exclusively designed for use by the chemically augmented, Spartan supersoldiers, the armour is the culmination of years of research and multiple previous iterations of it, each being a vast improvement over the last.

The inner components comprise of multiple elements:
The innter skinsuit is made of moisture-absorbing material linked to the user's neural interface, and it controls the suit's temperature and actively changes how the suit fits the user depending on their size and body shape.
The next layer is a liquid crystal layer that acts as an artificial muscle around the wearer and amplifies their strength, speed, mobility and reaction time. This layer is followed by a pressure seal as mentioned above.
After this, there is a titanium nanocomposite bodysuit which is flexible but with the strength of titanium. It serves as an extra layer of padding that keeps the wearer safe. On top of this, there are force multiplying circuits throughout the armour which multiply the user's strength. The final layer of the inner half of the suit consists of reactive circuits. These circuits connect the suit directly to the user's neural lace and amplifies the wearer's reaction time by connecting their thoughts to the suit. As such, users do not experience the weight of the suit around them as it literally moves with them.

The outer components comprise of the following:
The helmet is made of titanium allows and features a Heads-Up-Display and links to the user's brain and hands. It can be used to communicate with other units on the battlefield and displays tactical data as well as other miscellaenous information such as shield strength, armour integrity, ammunition count, motion tracker, etc.
The outermost shell is made of titanium allow which is covered by a refractive coating that helps disperse attacks from energy weaponry to a certain extent. This armoured layer covers the chest, arms, hips, legs, calves feet and hands. The armour also has thrusters integrated into its back, upper legs and shoulders in order to allow the user to rapidly evade an oncoming strike with a simple burst backwards, forwards, left or right.
The memory processing superconductive layer underneath the titanium armour plating allows for the suit to carry AI programs within it, enabling the user to travel with the AI in their suit. This is very advantageous as the AI can manipulate and override certain systems in the suit to further improve the unit's performance in the battlefield.
Weapon holder strips located on the legs, waist and back of the suit use an artificially designed "magnet"of sorts that only zalgenite reacts to. As such GSU weaponry can be attached to these small, yet powerful strips to allow the user to carry weapons with them.
A microfusion reactor in the suit, hidden under several layers of armour, powers the entire suit with enough energy to keep it operational with a nigh-unlimited power supply.
Lastly, the armour features a passcode-protected failsafe detonation system that can only be activated by other Spartans or high ranking GSU personnel. In the event of a Spartan falling in battle, this failsafe can be initiated to prevent the technology from falling into enemy hands. The resultant explosion from the suit's overloading reactor is enough to vaporise the soldier's body, the armour and anyone or thing within a surrounding 10-meter radius.
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