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 Drosden colonization of Alaris (dominion)

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Dominion#1PostSubject: Drosden colonization of Alaris (dominion)   Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:03 pm

The immortals were destroyed and very close to 98% of the faction migrated to the drosden fleet. However, Kat was not the same as Tower and the drosden fleet was not the same as the giant military faction, Kat did her best though to keep the faction as similar as possible. Part of this was winning teritory and she thought it wasnt a terrible idea to start with taking over a nearby planet named Alaris. She advertised the new mission and when recon ships returned the larger ships set sail to Alaris to create more science labs and refugee centers. Kat herself wasnt going but she had arranged Tower to do it, not only so that she could stay home herself but also to get the former immortal soldiers contended.

Tower was on one of the mosquito hunters headed for Alaris as he adressed the crew about the mission ahead. He hadnt recieved much information but he could tell by the amount of brand new fire and brimstone units that there would be hostile settlements down on the planet. Fortunatly he was not alone and accompanied by hardened warriors.
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Drosden colonization of Alaris (dominion)

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