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 a chance opportunity

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Public#1PostSubject: a chance opportunity   Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:57 pm

Date: May, 31 2568 AC
Teritory: GSU
Planet: EARTH
Continent: EUROPE
Country: France
City: Paris
Agent: Keya Gildas
Mission details: Gather intekl, engage if necesary

It was just another busy day on the market in paris, the cheerfull noises of the salesmen shouting out their products while there was a distinct smell of bread over the whole market as is usual the case in france. Keya was oftenly sent on missions on earth, she looked like a human if she covered her elven ears and spoke fluent french. And she was discreet as well and very skilled at what she does. She was supposed to be looking for an inside man, someone that was fairly bug like that had an undercover job as a mechanic in a building of a drug lord the agency wanted more intel on. Bug like races werent terribly hard to spot on a planet mostly consisting of humans though so she was certain she didnt have to look for long.
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a chance opportunity

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