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 Farmland Fun (Open)

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Public#1PostSubject: Farmland Fun (Open)   Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:19 am

Xukai found himself on what appeared to be a farming world of fairly minor technology. For the most part it consisted of kingdoms, castles and farming peasants. The sky was clear, the castles were grand and the peasants revolting (on occasion). All races were welcomed equally and most were close travelled so would not question one they'd never seen before and just assume it came from further afield. It seemed as much simpler life as only a few of the monarchs or higher order mages knew of the existence of the wide universe and traded with them in the name of their people. For Xukai it meant that there were none of the high tech gadgets or vehicles that he had no understanding of and that he felt far more at home. He'd been there for a few weeks and had taken place as a simple hunter, the solitude suiting him perfectly fine and his tracking skills being put to good use. 

So far it'd been a peaceful time, he'd had a good day of hunting and was resting in the local tavern, The Rusty Horseshoe, a place where all peoples mixed and travellers often stopped through. Just the kind of place he liked, it had a bustling loud atmosphere and a bard played a lute in one corner on a slight raised wooden stage while the barmaids moved with the grace of dancers dodging moving patrons and outstretched hands seeking more than a drink. 

Were one to look above the bar a series of wanted posters were pinned to the wall by daggers, each displaying either a man or beast along with a reward. As Xukai watched one heavily armoured man tore a poster off of the wall, holding it up in the air and shouting over the din, "Brothers, sisters, I Eric of Yanom am starting a party to seek out Crelzar the black. Who will join me." So began the rush of potential applicants who spoke to the warrior, who accepted some and turned away more before leading his party out of the inn as the din settled back to how it was previously.

Xukia shook his head at the warrior's choice, a small fry bounty barely worth the time and effort it would take, amateurs would surely go for anything now days. Living as a hunter was good but he'd began to grow bored of prey that would not fight back nor provide any challenge, but no way was he going to leave with a party on a bounty that would only amount to a few hundred credits, only if one of the bigger bounties were challenged would he go.


Bounties Open
-Alucar BlightSpawn
Necromancer, last seen at StormSpire Caverns
Gold (Equivalent to 5000 credits)

-Togg & Ogg
Troll brothers living on SlipRock Peak
Gold (Equivalent to 5000 Credits)

Bandit leader, last seen at his camp South of the Plains of Alemor
Gold (Equivalent to 5000 Credits)
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Farmland Fun (Open)

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