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Approved#1PostSubject: Ipsimonians   Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:59 pm

Name: Ipsimonians (Ips'a'mnnai in the Ipsimonian language)
Homeplanet: Ipsimon Alpha, in the Ipsimon system.
Sentience: Sentient

Agricultural Prowess: The Ipsimonians have evolved to become master farmers. This is extremely amazing since their home planet of Ipsimon Alpha is mostly water.
Swimming Prowess: Living in a water world has given the Ipsimonians a great affinity to water. They have evolved to have small water jets near their bellies to help them go faster on water.
Sturdy: Years of evolution have given the Ipsimonians a collection of super strong muscles and bones. It has also given them a heavy plate of chitin armor, which prevents them from getting wet and increases their buoyancy

Slow: The Ipsimonians are extremely slow, considering their sturdy and defense-focused build.
Pacifist: The Ipsimonians follow the H'Jar Jirm, or Path of Peace, a philosphy based on pacifism and diplomacy, which means they won't normally get into fights with other people unless it is COMPLETELY necessary.
Pentadyl Dependant: The Ipsimonian homeworld's athmosphere contains a gas vital to its people; Pentadyl. The Ipsimonians need to carry tubes of Pentadyl Gas, since they will die if they don't get any Pentadyl in 16 hours.

The Ipsimonians look like a sort of mix between a heavily plated Euoplocephalus and a blue whale. They are very heavy but small, weighing around 150 kilograms and measuring around a meter and a half.
Their skin is scaly and swamp green, their eyes are usually all black and their heavy chitin plate is obsidian black.

The Ipsimonian religion and culture are based around the H'Jar Jirm and the Lho'moj, the Path of Peace and the Book of Peace, respectively. They prefer diplomacy to violence, and will never pick a fight unless provoked, usually turning the other cheek. Their art is mostly depicting the Prophet Kaarr'dahim, who founded the H'Jar Jirm, but after the Great Revolution, Ipsimonian artists have begun to paint landscapes and portraits.

Most of the Ipsimonian's history is unknown until the Arrival of the Emperors, but scholars theorise that Ipsimon's main island (on which the Ipsimonians thrived and made their home), Hirra, was divided amongst several tribes, when one started to conquer the rest, forming the Ipsimonian Empire. The Empire thrived for around 7 centuries, until the reign of Ga'agha the Mad, which saw the murders of around 50.000 people at the hands of the Emperor in the period known as Fra'h'gaha M'araa, the Time of Sorrows. The Thi'll Agarr's (Imperial Senate) five families decided to overthrow the Emperor, starting the Kpl'e Gaharr Kim'dar'a, the Great Rebellion, in which the Senate formed the Ipsimonian Democratic Federation after 3 years of bloody fighting. The current H'araam'ka, the President, is K'ha Grr'r'aa, who was elected by the Senate on 2565.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Ipsimonians   Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:24 pm

Hmm a race of pacifists with a highly developed agricultural society.The gas weakness is quite interesting.

Well done approved.


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