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 Development Update; August and September

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Staff#1PostSubject: Development Update; August and September   Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:24 pm

Hello everyone, apologies if it seems like the Development team has been a bit quiet recently; I promise it's because we're working on new stuff!

Public Events/Featured Threads
A large feedback we gained from our survey was the need to better promote and sustain public threads and staff-run events for all to join. To help this we've implemented the 'Featured Public Events' widget on the left side of the site. This will list all official Staff threads and also highlight community-made threads open for all to join!

Operation Chainbreaker
As part of promoting staff-run events, Operation Chainbreaker has been posted. Absolutely everyone is welcome to fight through the giant city on Norma Prime against all kinds of HELIX forces. Make up your own kind of robotic opposition, fight to destroy the HELIX network, or throw in your own plots or personal goals. This thread will mark a close ending for the Helix Virus event and all participants (of sufficient posting) will earn an award for their participation in this storyline.

Upcoming Events
We will be bringing you another more open-ended event after the Helix Virus, keeping things fresh and providing new backdrops for your stories. After this will then come our seasonal Halloween event which @RescueRanger will be mainly heading. 

Further Features
The Arena will be introduced as the next feature, allowing characters to fight in a pocket dimension created solely for battles of glory. Death in this realm will not persist into the 'real world' and winning certain amounts of duels will award 'Silver', 'Gold' and 'Diamond' avatar borders. The whole section will focus on writing effort, creativity and ingenuity.

As @ImaginationGoneWild has been promoting, the introduction of a place for News, Media publications and 'Job' postings will be something we look at shortly too.

We are also looking to expand the Bounty Board into an NPC 'Guilds' section, including other organisations that characters can work for and obtain rewards or affinity with.

As always my PM is open to site/discord suggestions. Please keep them coming so we can improve the site!

Le Fin
Thank you for your continued support. I am on holiday for most of the coming week, in which time @RescueRanger is in charge. If a Developer is urgently needed then @Aaron-157 will be able available and can contact me separately if required. 

Have fun and keep up the great stories!
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Staff#2PostSubject: Re: Development Update; August and September   Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:29 pm

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Development Update; August and September

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