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 Staff List and Ranks

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Daniel Almis
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Staff#1PostSubject: Staff List and Ranks   Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:44 pm

List of Staff
Feel free to contact any with questions if they specialize in the information you want to know. If you're unsure who to ask your safest best is Daniel Almis. If you're still hesitant just post a topic in the Questions section and someone will answer! 

Development Team
The Development Team are the original creators of the Convergence RP, specializing in the foundations of the galaxy's lore alongside the technical aspects of the site. Come to the Staff members if the Moderators can not answer your lore questions, or if you need technical help with the site or encounter a bug.

The Developers

  • Have site-wide moderation and storytelling permissions.
  • Update the galactic map weekly.
  • Make key decisions and develop the core of the site.

Technical Issues, Forum Management, Magic Lore, Demon Lore, Celestial Lore

GSU Lore, Technology Lore, Human Lore, Forerunner Lore, Important Battles

Vampire Lore, Lycan/Werewolf Lore, Witch Lore, Spell Lore

Forum Development, Technical Issues, Module Management, Fey Lore

The Moderation Team
The Moderation Team are volunteers chosen for their outstanding contribution and dedication to the site. These are the first point of contact for the community and any issues you may have. Feel free to message any of them if you are new and in need of advice or help.

The Moderators

  • Have specific moderation and storytelling permissions.
  • Can run story arcs and events.
  • Help settle disputes or discussions over confirmed Lore.
  • Engage with the community and welcome newcomers.

Community & Codex Moderation

Varanus Lore, Northern Sectors Lore, Imperium Lore, Community Moderation
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Staff List and Ranks

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