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 Operation Chainbreaker

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Daniel Almis
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Public#1PostSubject: Operation Chainbreaker   Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:12 pm

"This is an open communication to all ships and stations in the sector along encrypted channels. Operation Chainbreaker is underway. We have tracked HELIX's main broadcasting network to Norma Prime, a megacity planet between the Outer Worlds and the Independent Sector. If you are hearing this broadcast, please answer our call for assistance. Freelancers and mercenaries of the like who come will be reward with 100,000 credits for their assistance in the battle. We also implore our allied factions to heed the call and take the fight straight to HELIX."

"Transmitting co-ordinates and objectives; GSU Command out."

True to the broadcast's word a fierce battle was raging on Norma Prime. The giant city's streets were flooded with soldiers of organic and robotic origin facing each other, attempting to gain footholds along each neighborhood leading straight to a large network facility in the center. At the current time the offensive forces consisted primarily of GSU soldiers and supernaturals, although the Union's allies had been called to battle aswell.

Their mission was simple, push through to the city center and clear straight through the facility, destroying any HELIX equipment found. It would be even more simple if it weren't for their opposition. A massive variety of robotic creations ranging from humanoid soldiers, metallic spiders, assault mechs and even some machines that resembled animals or monsters.

Despite this the GSU soldiers were determined to claim victory and deal a devastating, and hopefully final, blow to HELIX.
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Public#2PostSubject: Re: Operation Chainbreaker   Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:31 pm

William had just finished a covert operation deep in Imperium territory - sabotaging an underground slaver ring that was based in Imperium heartlands. Now, in his corvette, William was just about ready to return to Drosden territory when he received the broadcast directed to Norma Prime. The reward of 100,000 credits and the possibility of acquiring Imperial weapons and technology was simply too alluring, even if the mission would be difficult. 

And so William, the White Death whose name was feared by all who knew it, sent a message as he veered his corvette towards Norma Prime. "This is codename: White Death, I've received your transmission and am currently on the way to Norma Prime. ETA 2 hours. Watley out."

Maybe his EMP grenades would finally be of use....
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Public#3PostSubject: Re: Operation Chainbreaker   Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:17 pm

If the GSU thought they would pick this fight with Helix alone and claim all the glory for their own they were wrong. The drosden fleet had their own juggernaut tanks deployed and marched wide into the enemy, absorbing tons of damage for the other soldiers while gunning down exposed targets. Charlot units were around to block damage for the ample amount of support troops that the fleet brought along for the fight and it wasnt just foot troops that they brought along. There were mosquito hunters floating above the battlefield to drop off troops, vehicles and deliver artillery support. Despite the GSU's ideal that they were the army of the galaxy their troop variety was overshadowed by that of the fleet as a wide range of different units marched right past them. 

The smaller dwarven brawler mech did an excellent job ripping larger mechs apart with their meelee prowess and co-operation. Syntax artillery walkers delivered powerfull blows from far off, keeping the pressure for the helix troops high. Teleporters allowed for rapid troop deployment, the immortal samurai troops while in small amounts were doing an excellent job in disrupting the helix tactics and the saboteurs made the aproach alot easier. The GSU may not have wanted to admit it but these pirates were a powerfull ally, even to them.
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Operation Chainbreaker

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