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#1PostSubject: Norane   Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:11 pm

- Name -

- Location -
Terra-x5v, Location unknown

- Sentience - 

- Strengths - 
Norane are usually noted for their incredible strength, size, resilience and magical abilities. On average standing at three meters in, they are strong enough to tear the arm off a bear, or crush through an oak tree with one fowl punch. They're strength is only matched by their resilience to tremor and the cold. Being able to survive in Icy plains for days with no clothing, as well as being able to receive a beating of several tons without breaking a sweat. On addition to all of this, Norane are also skilled magic users. Worshiping the Animal Spirits, they are able to gain the power of fire on their weapons, or be able to cast powerful shields that last for a short while.

- Weaknesses -
A Norane's weakness usually lies within their Intelligence, technology and faith. While a Norane is strong and deadly within battle, they're easily out smarted off the battle field. Although some are considered to be very intelligent and therefore Enlightened by Norane culture, many are seen as simple creatures who can easily be taken control of. Another thing that holds them back from greatness would be their technology and faith. Their faith is one of war, meaning that is all a Norane might ever know, and because of this, their technology has only evolved to a certain extant. They are master craftsmen of blades, hammers, maces, and even early rifles and pistols, however beyond that, everything is alien to them. This causes them to be stuck in an odd era of medieval armoury and weaponry with simple firearms spread along the side.

- Appearance -
Norane appear rather human, despite their massive size, their anatomy is rather close to human. However another trait they posses is their bright glowing eyes and blue blood. 

- Culture - 
The Norane follow a very war orientated culture, always clashing with each other at the end of each winter, only to celebrate the new coming year with blood and ale. They are born into war, and usually die in it, except for those who somehow leave the planet that is. The Norane also don't follow a monarchy, or a leader of sorts. Instead they consider everyone as an equal. However their is a way to gain power in Norane culture, and that is to become a legend. Legends have usually passed away in battle or peacefully, however those few how have lived are hailed as hero's and almost gods. For every Norane, to become a Legend is their goal and dream.

- History -
Norane have a rich history of blood shed and glory. It all begins with the first four Legends. Ori The Bear, Xyle The Raven, Hung The Deer and Yuri The Ox. It was said their world was created when the four all clashed swords in battle, killing each other off one by one, only to become the animal spirits in the end. It was said from then on they created the Norane as their successors, beings who would make legends of themselves, men and women who would slay the beasts of ice and the demons of fire. With a barron world of ice and Norane the next legend, Sari The White Fox rose, she lead the first Norane into battle against the Ice dragon Yul. After a hard fought battle and many fell, but in the end Sari The White Fox stood victorious, spilling the blood of Yul. From that day it was said summer came to the world, giving the Norane a time of peace and harvest. After that came Fritz The Great, a man who started the Great Feast at the end of every winter, however it did not come peacefully, Fritz had to fight off the dire wolfs of the South, protecting the Norane from full annulation. He died in that battle, however he still managed to drive the wolfs away, keeping the Norane safe for then, to celebrate his sacrifice the Norane battled at the end of every winter, spilling their own blood to show respect to Fritz the Great. Now closer to our time came Odin the Smart, The man who created the rifle of the Norane, with this he lead an army against the Demon of fire Guzi. The battle was long and deadly, Guzi killed everyone but Odin, and in the final hours of the battle, Odin killed Guzi with a bullet to the eye and an axe to the neck. Odin died later that day, however he was immortalised as one of the last known legends to the Norane. Now, many Norane test their steel in the heat of battle, attempting to prove their worth as the new Norane legend.

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#2PostSubject: Re: Norane   Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:17 pm

k sounds good. Dont bug the shit out of Kat with them though...
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