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 The Fey

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Approved#1PostSubject: The Fey   Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:19 pm

Name: The Fey
Home Planet: Feyworld
Language: Eldarin
Sentience: Sentient

Powers and Abilities:

The Fey are perhaps the most innate magic uses in the entire galaxy due to their natural connection to the energy of the universe. As a result that have the ability to become very gifted Healers, Shamans, Seers and Mages.

-Nature is largely where their power is sourced, the energy of all living things is something they can sense and harness in order to protect positive magic into the world.
-Their connection to the Earth means that they have the ability to communicate to animals and plants, although this is not in the form of a literal conversation but more via a physic understanding.
-Their home-planet is lush and all their cities are built within nature, not on top of it. The Fey are one with the earth, they wish to encourage its growth and not to hinder it in any way.
-Physically, the Fey are incredibly light and agile. They are almost silent when moving and are elegant creatures.
-Particularly trained and academic Fey can access the ability to sense magic in others. This appears in the form of an ‘aura’. They can sense their own kind and the magic of other species (such as Angel or Fairy). Additionally, they can sense negative magic in the same way, these auras are distinctively sinister.  

-Without magic or in places of extreme desolation, the Fey are not able to harness their natural powers, this makes them physically weak and vulnerable.
-The Fey, although immortal, can be killed via wound as any other species- just not by old age or disease.
-Due to the fact that Fey are conductors of natural energy, they are susceptible to corruption and manipulation- even to the point of contorting their magic into an evil mutation.

-Fey are tall and slim creatures, they look much like their human cousins but especially slender, with pointed ears. Fey have a certain glow about them that emits from their very souls. Some chose to wear face paint and it is unusual for Fey not to have long hair.
-They Fey age at a slowed rate, although they do age. Any Fey that looks noticeably old is most likely thousands of years old.

-The Fey live in harmony with nature. Due to their affinity for nature they strongly distrust the undead. They also oppose evil forces of magic as this brings desolation to everything they hold in high esteem.
-The Fey are also known for their intelligence. Feyworld is home to many great educational institutes and many other races have sought education in the arcane arts from the Fey.
-The Fey largely worship nature, if they have a ‘God’ it would be Gaia, Celestial of Creation of Life, she is the one attributed with creating the Fey. After her recent demise the Fey commemorate her death in their great festival of Illumination, this is where they create a magical orb display in the sky. The display is so beautiful and bright it can sometimes be seen from people passing by the planet.
-Inestria, Celestial of Wisdom, is worshipped by many of the academics of the Fey.

-The origins of the Fey are left to myths and stories. It is said that they were created by Celestials, thus explaining their deep connection with the universe. They are said to be the oldest species in the universe, especially since they cannot perish of old age. There are many stories as to why the Fey were created, but it is said that the Celestial, Gaia, wanted to show the beauty that could be created from the universe, forging the Fey from the stars themselves.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: The Fey   Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:18 am

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The Fey

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