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 Helix Campaign

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PostHelix Campaign

-Galaxy News Presents-

The People Bringing you the News:

After the news introduction fades, cut to the two anchors sitting at the elegantly designed reporting desk, a map of the Galaxy behind them.

"Our top story tonight is still the Helix virus, where the Allied factions are building a new team," the attractive AI woman sitting on the right said, her voice a smooth contralto.  "More after our special report."

"That's right, Sheila, we're getting reports that the survey ship Nike, disappeared five days ago, was found as little more than wreckage.  The black bock was recovered, along with the ship's final moments." 
The clasically attractive human shuffled some laminate papers in the desk.

"Thank you, Dan.  Preliminary reports say the attack was carried out by a ship of carrier class or larger.  As yet, no one has taken responsibility for this agonizing blow to research and the search for new life in our galaxy."

"Of course, Shiela.  Before we play the footage, we must warn you that the footage contained herein may be disturbing for some viewers."

Attack on the Nike:

"Disturbing is right, Dan.  That didn't look like a Helix attack."  Sheila, for once, didn't seem nonchalant about the deaths of humans.

"It wasn't.  But this is simply a preliminary report, and we will have more as the story unfolds.  For now, the Allied forces against the Helix threat are building a new team of elite soldiers to combat the menace on its home turf.  We now go live to the current imperium Capitol with LAX-274."


A popup in the blue backed news channel appears, scooting the anchors off to one side and for the first time, a slight shimmer seems to apprear as Sheila spontaneously throws her coffee mug at Dan, only to have it bounce off a dividing shield.  Lax's face depixellates and the thrumming of Zikah guard spears against the floor of the chamber.

In a moment it stops, and the camera pans over soldiers in full battle regalia as the
Viscount Imar offered refreshments to the assembled soldiers in a contrasting sight between their utilitarian, effective armor and uniforms to his high tradition robes.

"What you are seeing now," Lax's voice came over the feed in hushed, respectful tones, "Is the first look at the new batch of warriors to burn Helix from its very home.  May they fight bravely with honor, and never run out of ammo."


"Thank you, Jax.  I will ensure your sentiment gets to them." Sheila responded.  "Ork?"


Cut to the orc in his gym office, looking through the sports fliers.  "Nothing to report!  Arena untouched.  Sporting events vary across worlds.  Check your local news!"


Back to the anchor desk.  "Thanks, Ork!  That concludes our morning report."

"Thank you, Dan.  For all those travellers in the galaxy, be safe, live long, and prosperous."
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Helix Campaign

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