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Private#1PostSubject: GALAXY NEWS PRESENTS...   Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:59 pm

News Intro Music:

Galaxy News presents,

News Anchors:

He's the most handsome human (and only) on the station, Bob Starlett.
She's ruthless...and scary...Sheila Gears the smooth steel-like AI.


He always knows to keep up the energy no matter what the scores are, Ork the Ork!


Looks are deceiving for this Slug-Alien, Steven Slurgg

Local Reporter(s):

A defective Cykx bravely venturing into the thick of things, LAX-274 

Bob Starlett: "Our top story today is the Helix-Virus, an impressive force of corrupted autonomous AI robots that have been the Scourge of the North."

Sheila Gears: "That's right, Bob. Helix has already conquered most of the Independent Sector and the Outer Worlds. Causing the fall of several empires and other large organizations such as; The Reich, Clan Kyodain, The Immortals, The Nypherian Empire and The Old Empire. Not to mention the countless of other planets!"


Bob Starlett: "Those unfortunate Souls..."

Sheila Gears: "Hm, 'organics' breed like rabbits, Bob. They'll be fine."

Bob Starlett: *uncomfortable laugh* "Okay then, how about we turn to our local reporter, LAX-274 can you hear us?"

~The images switch to a defective Cykx in a grey suit. Behind him several people of various species are seen around a large table with holographic images~

LAX-274: *clears throat* "Yes, Bob I hear you loud and clear!"

Bob Starlett: *Rudely interrupts Sheila* "Alright then, so LAX you are currently at the Council of Restoration where this whole Helix situation is being discussed, is that correct?"

LAX- 274: "That is correct, Bob. I am currently in the War Room as we speak of Station Ive'rr 7, a refugee station for the remnants of fallen Empires such as the one where the Varanus were part of."

Sheila Gears: *Has Bob in a vice grip around his throat* "Can you tell us, LAX, who are the people involved?"

*While Sheila talks, Bob continues to gesture to his throat and gasping for air*

LAX-274: "Well, it is quite interesting to say the least. Because not only are the victims of the Helix here, we also have the GSU here as well to lend a hand. But that's not the most surprising part, Sheila. What's surprising is that I'm also in the presence of P-pi-pirates?"

*A random Juggernaut shows up behind the Cykx and waves 'Hi, mom!'*

LAX-274: "They call themselves The Drosden Fleet under the leadership of the notorious Captain Kat Kheylana."

Sheila Gears: *While Sheila speaks, Bob is being taken care of by an assistant as he attaches a neck-brace to him* "Wow, Pirates? The leading Governments must be really desperate to seek the aid of Pirates.

Bob Starlett: *Clears throat* "Tell me, LAX. Do we have any idea where this Helix-Virus came from? What happened to these robots."

LAX-274: "Well Bob, I can give you the long version or the short version."

Bob Starlett: "Gives us the short one first."

LAX-274: "Dan Almis."

*Both Bob and Sheila curse the family name*

Sheila Gears: "Of course, we should've known... Now what's the long version, LAX?"

LAX-274: "Well it seems that someone might've hacked into their systems and corrupted them to be programmed to destroy all sentient life. Why they are programmed is apparently classified. But since Dan Almis is the cause, well...You know."

Sheila Gears: "No further explanation needed, thank you LAX for your report."

~Back to the News Station~

Bob Starlett: *winces as he adjusts himself in his seat* "In other news, this robot war seems to have inspired organizations to band together and form new factions, new factions in need of recruits. I wonder how the GSU feels about having rivaling Factions now?"

Sheila Gears: "Indeed. The Drosden Fleet seems to be a growing force but one wonders if they are truly evil because I've heard some rumors that they are actually vigilantes that are trying to rid the galaxy of slavery and offering these sad people a home within their ranks."

Bob Starlett: "That is a possibility, Sheila. But have you ever considered that maybe these -pirates- are tricking these slaves by enslaving them after they've rescued them from slave-masters?! Huh, HUH?? Did you think about that, Sheila?!"

Sheila Gears: *shakes her head but continues to smile* "Well, what about The Serpentum Imperium then. With their new allies they seem to have risen from the Ashes of the Old empire."

Bob Starlett: "Yes, and if I may say so myself, I fancy them. Unlike the GSU, who are the good old troopers that bravely fought against The Demon Crusade, with a face like good ol' American pie. This new Serpentum Imperium, while watching over the North, adds a certain panache...if you know what I mean." *he says with a chuckle*

Sheila Gears: "No one knows what you mean, Bob. But I'm surprised that you like them because I heard that they have cannibals within their ranks."

Bob Starlett: "Well maybe, you need to gossip less, Sheila! Besides when you have a faction like them, with multiple species and cultures all mashed up together, we're bound to have some 'unwanted cousins'. We all have one those in the family..."

Sheila Gears: "Speaking of unwanted cousins, it seems that Omega has become the new persons of interest for the new Bounty Hunters Guild now that the North is overrun by Helix-bots. i wonder how that affects the affairs of The Omega Corporation. "

Bob Starlett: *sifts through a holo-pad* "Hm? Oh yes, both sides have killers that are in it for the money. And look what I found, Sheila!! A wanted list from the Bounty Hunters Info page on their website-"

Sheila Gears: "They have a website?"

Bob Starlett: "Yes, Sheila. It is the 26th century after all, we all have websites now. But look h-"

Sheila Gears: "You'd think that criminals are more careful about placing ads."

Bob Starlett: "Well, they chose the job they knew the risks. But Sheila, look at who's on those wanted lists, it's-"

Sheila Gears: "I wonder how much it costs to put a hit on an anchorman?"

Bob Starlett: *tosses the holo-pad behind him* "Anyway! If you want people in your life to disappear, ask the Bounty Hunters. If you want to -make- people disappear then join the Bounty Hunters! Now, SPORTS! ORK!"


Bob Starlett: "Okay, that was sports. As he said, the Helix war has put quite a damper on sports events. Namely because planets are either wiped clean or destroyed."

Sheila Gears: "Let's hope that the arena battles will soon return! Now let's see what the weather is like across the galaxy?"

Steve Slurgg: *Steve rambles a massive list of weather reports on notable planets, like seriously why do we even hire this guy?*

Sheila Gears: *patiently waits for Steve to finish up while doing her metallic nails*

Bob Starlett: *Snores on the desk*

Sheila Gears: *looks over to Bob and punches him across the room* "And that was Galaxy News. Good night and live long and prosperous."
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Private#2PostSubject: Re: GALAXY NEWS PRESENTS...   Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:45 pm

News Intro:

- Galaxy News Presents -

The People Bringing you the News!:

Bob Starlett: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and Welcome...*pause for effect* Galaxy News."

Sheila Gears: *chuckles* "Our top story tonight is the Helix - Campaign, the combined efforts of Convergence's Factions to push back the Helix - Virus."

Bob Starlett: "Indeed, Sheila. Witness reports have shown us incredible results. The GSU has managed to push Helix out of the southern parts of the Outer Worlds Sector while the Drosden Fleet has flanked Helix from the East of the Outer Worlds Sector by bottlenecking them into the Immortals old Planetary Defense System."

Sheila Gears: *Nods* "Now, the Serpentum Imperium has managed to reclaim part of their fallen empire in the far North of the Galaxy. They have already begun in terraforming several re-conquered planets and re-colonizing them along with giving refugees a place that they can call home.

Bob Starlett: "I told you...The Empire. My kind of 'peeps'. *chuckles while Sheila eye-rolls* We have LAX-274 out of the field today who is currently located on New Serpentum who will be speaking to Viscount Raxus Imar. Lax, can you hear us?"

*Located on New Serpentum, Lax stands next to the imposing Viscount at the docks of the Imperial Army. In the background one can see dozens upon dozens of starships, big and small including those belonging to the duchies, parked behind them. While other ships are flying around, arriving or departing.*

LAX-274: "Yes, Bob I-we can hear you." *Lax stands on a step ladder so he and the viscount are both within camera shot*

Bob Starlett: "Wonderful! I heard that the Viscount wishes to make an appeal to the public regards the campaign, correct?"

LAX-274: "Yes, Bob. Viscount Imar, you told me earlier that despite the combined efforts of the Factions you still required help from the people of Convergence. Could you care to explain what sort of help the campaign needs?"

Viscount Raxus Imar: "Thank you, Zodarrin-Ka. The Empire understands that not everyone is willing to enlist for the campaign against these Mekra, but there are other ways that people can help. We have countless families that have lost their home and belongings who could use basic supplies such as clothing and blankets, toys for 'hatchlings'.

But not only for the Imperium. I am certain that the other Factions would appreciate help from their citizens as well. We do not wish to force the people to give what they do not have but instead consider donating blood to your local hospitals to aid the warriors in getting the proper medical aid.

We would also gladly accept anyone with valuable skills such as engineering to aid us in getting ships battle-ready again. Medics are also welcome and anyone willing to help around refugee camps."

LAX-274: "There you have it, Bob, Sheila. The Factions need our help and when I get home I plan on going to the nearest hospital to donate my blood."

*Back to the Studio*

Sheila Gears: "The public often forgets the sacrifices that come with war and the aftermath of it."

Bob Starlett: "You heard them people, we need help! Report to you local hospitals to donate blood or visit the local religious centers or gathering places to drop off what you can give to aid these refugees. And if you do have a set of skills other than military then please report to airports located in the planet capital for transport to said camps or battlefronts.

Sheila Gears: *nods* "But we have some good news as well, which we will report on later after Sports. Ork!"

*The camera shifts to ORK, the Ork.*

ORK: "Thank you, Sheila! Sports are doing a lot better now than last months. WWX is back in business! The White Rhino VS. The African Force. The match was incredible but ORK is still mad cause he lost lots of credits, betting on the wrong guy. The African Force won! He knock out Rhino with back hooves in surprise twist!

There is a new guy for the Mecha-Division of WWX. He's name Cole and he is HUGE! His first match was against 2 robots of same size as he is and he crush them like green man Hulk in vintage movies. Some say Cole might be possessing Illegal equipment for WWX standards, investigation still going. ORK hopes, he stay! He can be new favorite!

There is also new Tag-team in WWX; The Mad Chef and his Elemorons? ORK not sure about team, Elemorons to dumb to follow Wrestling rules.

Elemorons Team:

Sports out! Back to Sheila and Bob!"

*At the Grand Opening of the Arena in the control room*

Bob Starlett: "Sports entertainment has indeed resurged, people. And with it, the Arena! We have teleported out of our studio to bring you the good news of the Grand Reopening of the pocket dimension. Sheila is up there in the control room, speaking with the Director of the pocket dimension."

Sheila Gears: "Mr. Shark, you personally oversaw the improvements of the Arena?"

Waldo Shark: "Yes, Ms. Gears. It was rough at first. We had to close it down due to the Demon Crusade some years ago but then new funding came in and the popular demand to bring the Arena back, so we decided to restore the Arena. We made some upgrades here and there, fix the architecture and voila. Behold the result.

We have the creme de la creme of Simulation programs to turn this Arena into any environment we want. 

*Shark proceeds to demonstrate the program by pushing some buttons as several scenarios are shown; a desolate desert, cityscape, dense jungle, standard arena platform, etc... Meanwhile Bob is in the Arena freaking out as his environment keeps changing, crying out for Sheila*


We only want the best for our audience but also enrich the experience of our contestants by making things as real as possible, including death. *grins*


*Shark proceeds to pull out a plasma gun and shoots Bob in the chest, killing him as the anchor drops to the ground*

Sheila Gears: "Oh my!" *smiles and stares at Bob's corpse, waiting for something to happen.*

Waldo Shark: You have to give it some time, there's a delay on deaths. It makes for quite the effect on the audience! 

*Indeed Bob rises sucking in air exaggerated. Confused he looks around before he remembers, he looks down at his chest and sees a gaping hole from the plasma gun.*


Sheila Gears: "He'll be fine...That is some impressive technology."

Waldo Shark: "Oho, thank you but that particular effect is entirely created by the pocket dimension itself. We still have much to learn about the true nature of this dimension but in the meanwhile, let's have some fun, eh!! Hehe!. *Clears throat*

Oh, by the way. As you can see, the 'lethal' damage is noticeable but repairable. We have the best doctors and nurses and Medical technology available to make our contestants feel as good as new with no lasting damage!"

Sheila Gears: "Ooh, does that include support for Alien anatomy and Artificial bodies?"

Waldo Shark: "Why yes, of course. We demanded extra training for our medical staff, including bringing in experts on said anatomies to ensure the safety of our contestants. *Turns to the camera* So what do you say kids! Come join the fun!"

Sheila Gears: "Haha, thank you Mr. Shark. And here's some encouragement for contenders. A little avian lifeform told me that victors can have the opportunity to star as a guest on the Arix show! Isn't that exciting!? We'll be right back after this brief commercial."

Do you like machines?! Do you like Dinosaurs?! Do you like explosions?! Well then come on down to planet Parhichi and visit the theme-park Cretaceous Park. Come see the robotic Dinosaurs and view some weapon demonstrations and watch Drosden technology in all its glory!

Bob Starlett: *mumbles while rubbing his chest* "My whole life....just....seconds...Poof. But I didn't see the light....Sheila, what does it mean?! SHEILA! AM I DEAD!? AM I A GHOST!?"

Sheila Gears: "Welcome back to the studio, everyone. Looks like Bob needs a few more moments before he can join us. More good news, Daniel Almis has been incarcerated in GSU's Supernatural Prison orbiting Zaron. It has appeared that the rumored crimes of the celestial has finally caught up to him.

Bob Starlett: *groans*

Sheila Gears: *stares at him briefly then continues* But while Gods are arrested, there is still someone that cares about the small fold. Witnesses have reported the sightings of a legend known as the Hero of Elves, the Wanderer. A vigilante that has helped countless of planets by causing a dent in criminal activity but has the habit of disappearing and reappearing at random times. So unfortunately we do not know who exactly he is but his work is appreciated as he fights evil in his own way.

Bob Starlett: "This was Galaxy news *groans*....come watch us again, next time...." *cries*

Sheila Gears: "Good night, Convergence. Live long and prosperous."

Bob Starlett: "Why do you keep saying that? Live long and prosperous? Isn't that a quote of some old movie that aired on square wooden televisions? *arguement fades off as News music drowns it*
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Private#3PostSubject: Re: GALAXY NEWS PRESENTS...   Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:16 pm

[This project is open for adoption now, feel free to use the npc's and such in any way you'd like]
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Private#4PostSubject: Galaxy News Network special report: September 18, 2568   Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:23 pm

-Galaxy News Presents-

The People Bringing you the News:

After the news introduction fades, cut to the two anchors sitting at the elegantly designed reporting desk, a map of the Galaxy behind them.

"Our top story tonight is still the Helix virus, where the Allied factions are building a new team," the attractive AI woman sitting on the right said, her voice a smooth contralto.  "More after our special report."

"That's right, Sheila, we're getting reports that the survey ship Nike, disappeared five days ago, was found as little more than wreckage.  The black bock was recovered, along with the ship's final moments." 
The clasically attractive human shuffled some laminate papers in the desk.

"Thank you, Dan.  Preliminary reports say the attack was carried out by a ship of carrier class or larger.  As yet, no one has taken responsibility for this agonizing blow to research and the search for new life in our galaxy."

"Of course, Shiela.  Before we play the footage, we must warn you that the footage contained herein may be disturbing for some viewers."

Attack on the Nike:

"Disturbing is right, Dan.  That didn't look like a Helix attack."  Sheila, for once, didn't seem nonchalant about the deaths of humans.

"It wasn't.  But this is simply a preliminary report, and we will have more as the story unfolds.  For now, the Allied forces against the Helix threat are building a new team of elite soldiers to combat the menace on its home turf.  We now go live to the current imperium Capitol with LAX-274."


A popup in the blue backed news channel appears, scooting the anchors off to one side and for the first time, a slight shimmer seems to apprear as Sheila spontaneously throws her coffee mug at Dan, only to have it bounce off a dividing shield.  Lax's face depixellates and the thrumming of Zikah guard spears against the floor of the chamber.

In a moment it stops, and the camera pans over soldiers in full battle regalia as the
Viscount Imar offered refreshments to the assembled soldiers in a contrasting sight between their utilitarian, effective armor and uniforms to his high tradition robes.

"What you are seeing now," Lax's voice came over the feed in hushed, respectful tones, "Is the first look at the new batch of warriors to burn Helix from its very home.  May they fight bravely with honor, and never run out of ammo."


"Thank you, Jax.  I will ensure your sentiment gets to them." Sheila responded.  "Ork?"


Cut to the orc in his gym office, looking through the sports fliers.  "Nothing to report!  Arena untouched.  Sporting events vary across worlds.  Check your local news!"


Back to the anchor desk.  "Thanks, Ork!  That concludes our morning report."

"Thank you, Dan.  For all those travellers in the galaxy, be safe, live long, and prosperous."
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