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 Gen lemniscate

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Kailease Dinswa

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       Gen lemniscate is a genetic research and manufacturing company that was formed the 2525. It sole research facility is on Mars in a Hellas crater. In the Hellas facility the do everything from curing disease to increasing the ability or appearance of an individual. The research facility spans the bottom mile of the Hellas crater. In the sides of the crater a small city is located. One of Gen lemniscate's other building is there headquarters. There headquarters is a space station orbiting mars. The headquarters is ten miles long and three miles wide. The head quarters in contrast to the research lab is black. The last building is the space station in orbit of mars that serves as the bio farms, farms, factory, storage and distribution. The B.F.F.S.D is a cylinder black. It is where all factories, farms and ninety percent of the companies storage is. The factory is where all vaccines, medicines, vitamins and gene modifiers are mass produced it is located at bottom of the station. The farms and bio farms are where company meals are grown and were stem cells make transplants, gene modifiers and other stem cells. The farms and bio farms are located in the middle of the station. Storage is at the top and is were everything from gene modifiers to backup files are stored. Located on the station are ten loading hangers small and big.

       The founder of Gen lemniscate is Aknew Sal. He founded the company out of his vision for the future of genetic research. He died in the year 2546 at the age of 97. The new CEOs Aken Narmen was hired by the board mere days. The company from then on has taken a more sales based approach.
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Gen lemniscate

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