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 William Watley, The White Death

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Public#1PostSubject: William Watley, The White Death   Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:57 pm

Name: William Watley
Species: Human
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Faction: Drosden Pirates, Freelance Assassin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 



Peak Performance - William's physique is at the peak of human capability, allowing him to perform feats that few other humans may attempt - let alone accomplish. 

Advanced Training - William was trained in the art of combat, espionage, sabotage, and assassination since he was 4 years old. This honed his skill to such a degree that he has become one of the most skilled and deadly human agents roaming the galaxy.

Dauntless - William's early training from childhood had stripped him of his ability to feel fear due to constant mental conditioning and brainwashing. 

Subterfuge - William's skill in deceit is so great that he can disguise himself in almost any crowd without giving himself away, or impersonate certain people in order to get closer to his intended target.


Human Limitations - Among William's only weakness is his own body's human limitations - mental and physical barriers that can never be broken by any training. 

Sociopath - Due to constant brainwashing and psychotherapies during his training, William has trouble socializing when not in a mission - though he does avoid crowds and people in general unless they are a part of his mission.


Equipment: Notable equipment

Strangling wires - A thin wire that can used to strangle people. However, it is overall inefficient in killing people and is used mostly for a variety of other tasks still mostly related to killing someone. 

Poisoned Darts - William keeps these darts just beneath the watch on his wrist. The darts themselves are extremely tiny, and being punctured by them is painless - this a target never realizes. However, due to their small size and light weight, the darts are for short range killings only - 2 - 3 meters as the effective range. 

Mithril Knife - An incredibly sharp knife - 14 inches long in a bayonet fashion - that can go through most armor, even penetrate immortal armor in its thin areas. Needs little to no maintenance as William almost never uses it. 

Silenced . 50 cal pistols - William has a set of silenced pistols that fire .50 caliber super-heated tungsten rounds with mercury cores, with an effective bullet capacity of 15 rounds per magazine. The pistols fire at a rate of 1 bullet per 1.5 seconds and has an effective range of 500 meters. The sound produced by the pistols when firing is a mere 30 decibels - barely audible. The special bullets are manufactured at William's base of operations in Parhichi. 

Powers: N/A

History: Born from a human refugee on some backwater agri-world, William was set to become a farmer. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Taken from his home by a highly secretive organization of assassins - William was forced into a life not of his own choosing, though he was too young by when this happened so his memory of it is nonexistent. At 4 years old, he was already trained to kill - and was forced to kill a fellow trainee who tried to escape. This training would go on for 15 years before an accident caused the Organization's headquarters to explode - it killed every single member in the organization except for William, who happened to be outside training. From then on, William took control of his own life and works as a freelance assassin - finding many jobs from the Drosden fleets as an assassin for hire. He earned the moniker of 'White Death" when he destroyed an entire squad of mercenaries - numbering in at a hundred - by using only his knife and the surrounding snow to mask his movements. This job cemented him forever as one of the deadliest assassins for hire in Galaxy as whispers quickly spread throughout the underworld about a "White Death".
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Public#2PostSubject: Re: William Watley, The White Death   Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:12 pm

Love the character! Very Happy

Just one little detail to keep in mind. At 4 years old is when a training like that would start because he's too young to start killing. A grown man would punt the child across the room if he was cruel enough and the kid would have no strength at all. 

I'd say from age 4 till around 7-8 his training would consist on conditioning his loyalty and blind obedience. making sure that he stays loyal to the organization, warns his superiors about any rules being broken to elliminate bad apples from the ranks and to make sure that the kid does what he's told without second thought.

Next he would learn about equipment, and warfare, techniques. The organization would want him to grow his intelligence and quick thinking. Ease himself into the process of one day having to kill people. So around late teenage years that's when hardcore training and killing would start.
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William Watley, The White Death

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