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 Drosden pirates.

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#1PostSubject: Drosden pirates.   Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:39 pm

@RescueRanger - Kat Kheylana & Sylvia Roothearth - Fleet Kaptain & Ranger/Beast master in the rescue branch.
Equipment: Fusion driver, Dual custom pistols, custom armor and the entire faction. Grizzly light bow, an array of trained, armored animals, numerous healing frags, Rogue armor and grappling hooks for better mobility.

@DaveTheHydraKing - Jessie Red - Head of the refugee security centre.
Equipment: Revolver, Dual kamas (small scythes) and leather armor.

@SOURCE - Jacob Rackam - Pusher in the raiding branch.
Equipment: two Executors that are given a name, a grizzly light bow, light armor and kneepads.

@Jaboy - Quareen Angellica Cross - Pusher in the raiding branch.
Equipment: Sniper rifle, Regular soldier armor and a rocksling.

@Darkdeath - no char yet - 

@denheim - William Watley - Saboteur in the raiding branch.
Equipment: Silenced pistols, Strangling wire, Dagger, Poison darts.

@sytanchin - Jackson shotty - Aging offensive coordinator in the raiding branch.
Equipment: Self made equiment.

@Davethehydraking - David Ragroth - Ravager in the Charlot branch.
Equipment: Heavy armor and a greathammer.
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Drosden pirates.

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