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The Seerfins
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Six Troublesome Grompins

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Approved#1PostSubject: Grompin   Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:11 pm

Name: Grompin
Homeplanet: Grompus
Sentience: Sentient

Grompin are extremely fast and vicious creatures when it comes to combat, giving them the agile advantage.
Grompin maintain a deeply spiritual culture, allowing them to excel in shamanic and primal magics.

Grompin are extremely small and physical weak, giving them the disadvantage in tests of raw strength.
Grompin are seen as barbaric and widely mistrusted by mythical races such as Elves and Dwarves due to their history.

They are amphibious creatures with slimey frog-like skin. Their eyes are extremely large and bulbous especially in childhood. Instead of hair they grow colorful strands of muscle-like material on their heads which are used to show status or heritage. Their hands and feet are webbed with three fingers/toes each. They come in a variety of colours such as Blue, Orange, White, Red, Yellow, and Purple; but the most common is Green.

Grompin hold a longstanding tribal culture where they revere the spirits of their ancestors over anything else. They regard stories and legends highly as they detail the deeds of their past warriors and leaders whom they worship. This reverement makes them excellent studiers and users of spiritual and primal magics. Many Grompin follow the shamanic path of calling ancestors into battle or learning to control the elements. Those who do not usually settle with becoming fishermen, hunters or even warriors; all of which use rough-crafted spears. There is only one Grompin tribe remaining on Grompus; the Seerfins. They are led by one Chieftain and a council of Elders.

Grompin were once a barbaric and mindless species who lived on Mytheria like many of the mystic races. They terrorised forests and swamps and even sided with the Orcs in their war against the free races. After the Orcish armies defeat the Grompin were forced back into hiding, taking up small settlement on coastlines and in dark coves where the other races could not hunt them down. In their solitude they began to look inward. They constantly told stories of the people they lost in the war and hoped to somehow communicate with them again. This is how they began their spiritual culture.

After almost a decade they had fully integrated this tribal culture into their lives and even expanded other parts of their society to evolve into almost civilized creatures. One of their most diplomatic people, Harza the Peaceful, tried to approach the free races to make peace. He was shunned and turned away at the gates of their castle. The Grompin were furious and prepared for another war, this time certain their ancestral power would make them victorious.

Almost every tribe went to battle to their deaths except one; the Seerfins. They were the clan that Harza the Peaceful hailed from, and instead of readying to fight they prepared to leave. After communing with their ancestors they were met with something of a miracle. An unlikely ally came, his appearance distorted by the various tellings of the story. One thing was certain; his fiery portal showed them a new home. Collecting their treasured belongings the Seerfins passed through and built their new peaceful world; Grompus.
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