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 Bylian dwarves

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Approved#1PostSubject: Bylian dwarves   Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:34 pm

Name: Bylian dwarves

Homeplanet: Jeslore (origin), Parhichi and any of the refurbished immortal planets.

Sentience: Sentient


-Intelligence. Throughout history, dwarves have made up the very best mechanics, engineers and scientists because of their alternate but complex brain patterns and structure wich allows for a significant increase in learning speed, problem solving, understanding of complex problematics as well as giving them a boost in any scientific field as well as the tactical one.

-Eyesight. Much like certain elves, the bylian dwarves can increase their eyesight and range, allowing for a limited 'zoom' in ability without requiring a scope.

-Co-ordination and carefullness. Dwarves are capable of being extremely carefull and acurate procedures wich is not only a help when diligent acuracy is required during assemblies of machines or when handling explosives. They are fast to calculate shots or anything really wich makes them to most efficient workforce. This coordination also helps them be effective under pressure.


-Dwarven dimensions. In addition to the fact that the Bylian dwarves are stumpy humans they are also very prone to gain alot of weight in comparision to other species. The biggest problem with this is that in addition to being the most efficient workforce they need a permament diet to keep them in good shape, otherwise they will become less productive.

-Stumpy. An angry dwarf is hard to take serious. They have a harder time than other races to remain in good shape and dont usually fit in in a combat position, without excess training that is.

-Light deficiency. Over the years of living in the mines, the bylian dwarven species has gotten very used to the dank and dark mines. To the point where shining a specifically bright flashlight into their face is annoying to them. It wont cause them any permament harm and doesnt hurt them either but it is just an annoyance and they need more time to get used to brightly lit areas.


Bylian dwarves look alot like just regular humans, save for the obvious stumpy size they have. Bylian dwarves also have much faster hair growth than humans resulting in the males oftenly having very distinct facial hair. The females usually look like regular small humans and arent as stumpy but just small.


The dwarves are a species that hail from the undergrounds. No one exactly knows how long they have been down there but it is theorized that they used to be giants before adapting to the tight spaces inside their mines. They do not have a religion and only believe in what is buried in the ground. They answer to no god and choose their own paths when doing science. This has resulted in numerous breakthroughs (and catastrophes).


Not a great amount is known from the bylian dwarves save that they are highly intelligent, small and very kind. They themselves did not start keeping records until shortly before their emergence in Bylyn. They emerged because of an excess amount of goblins apearing in their mines, forcing the dwarves to exit and search for help. They were granted help in exchange for their assistance in the war against spectre that was raging at the time and from this small deal an alliance would bloom that lasted forever.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Bylian dwarves   Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:45 pm

Bylian dwarves make some of the best engineers in the galaxy.



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Bylian dwarves

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