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 The Omega Stones guy Contract

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#1PostSubject: The Omega Stones guy Contract   Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:33 pm

It felt like it was a long Contract signing for some reason as if he was in there for months...But now Eddie Ross is about to go to the hangar to pickup his new ride to knock up that guy that did something that has to do with that Helix Virus.
Walking through the Street of Bachus Primecalso walking bye Kaiyan and the other reptilian Dudes that brought him here "Well hey there i guess im working with y´all now" Passing bye he raised his arms walking backwards almost knocking over an old woman in the progress

It took him awhile to coordinate through the streets of Bacchus Prime Being offored to play some Cupgames,Blackjack,Poker...every street game there is basically and all of them were obviously rigged 
But when he finally Found the Hangar thanks to the Instructions of the "Chairman".

And there it was a standard little Gunner ship Nothing extraordinary but eh He could Pimp it to not look so damn Bland,
But that wasn´t enough to Stop Eddie from going to cash in those 8000 credits So he Opened the cockpit and hopped right into the seat, The Ship reacted immediatley And Buckled the safety belt automatically "Huh neat stuff" The cockpit Closed and A hud appeared infront of the windshield,even though he wasn´t sure about the safety of that He let that slide for the moment

But before he wanted to grap the non-existent steeringwheel, since this was a spaceship, A Window popped up on the Hud "Insert Name Here" Instincts told Eddie to type in something like "Suggar Kush Daddy ER69" But He thought that this time it should be a little more "mature" So he went through his memory remembering how he was nicknamed in the bar he used to hang out on....Ah yes the "Sass `n Brass Knuckler" he just then realised how stupid that sounded so he just went with "Im Here ER69" Because he was about to leave his mark on the whole universe.

Now that he inserted his name He wanted to lean back in the drivers seat when suddenly A voice started Playing "HELLO IM HERE ER69 I AM YOUR NEW PERSONAL A I HOW CAN I HELP YOU?" eddie was a little confused untill he remembered "ah yes the personal AI nearly forgot about that one...Ahem The chairman Gave me the task to go to this place named "Omega" and seek out a dude named Mr.Stones so yeah it´d be nice if you can bring me to that guy" The Goog ol Buffering sign popped up haaa Hundreds of years and there´s still Buffer some things Never change.

The AI responded "VERY WELL DO YOU WANT TO ACTIVATE AUTOPILOT?" Eddie shrugged "Well im new to this Galaxy anyway so uhhhm Sure go ahead!" And ofcourse the buffer Started again But after it was done Loading The AI didn´t talk again the ship just started to lift off And jet through the Sky wich had Eddie Shook and had him shouting "WOOOO IM COMING FOR THAT DOLLAR BABY" in pure excitement like a kid on christmas morning. Now whoever Is that Mr.Stones he´s gonna have a very bad time
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The Omega Stones guy Contract

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