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 Never ending contract: Bring liberty to the opressed

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Approved#1PostSubject: Never ending contract: Bring liberty to the opressed   Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:45 am

Target's Name
Any mistreated elf or just slaves in general.

Target's Description
Individuals suffering from slavery or general mistreatment that has been authorized by governments. There is a difference in priority by the issuer of this bounty (Kaptain Kat Kheylana's assistant)

Target's Crimes

Contract Details/Requirements
Prisoners must be safely brought to any ship sailing under the drosden pirate fleet flag or any planet that is under control by the fleet. The prisoners may not be harmed and most be escorted safely to any of the aforementioned areas. Brining in the heads of their salesmen will result in a bonus.

Last Known Whereabouts
Scattered across the galaxy. The fleet itself is actively targeting slave trade areas and pounding the general trade routes. There is little intel on where it usually takes place but regardless they can be commonly found across the galaxy.

Dangers of Target
Often times, slave trade is fairly well secured so carefull aproaches are advised.

Contract Reward
Any elven species: 1200 CR
Any human species: 1000 CR
Any other species: 950 CR
Slaver head bonus: 800 CR
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Never ending contract: Bring liberty to the opressed

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