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 Update 2.5 - The Big One

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#1PostSubject: Update 2.5 - The Big One   Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:10 pm

Welcome to Update 2.5, here's what's changed:

The Map
Over 20 new planets have been added to the map without accompanying submissions. They are place between UNSC and Demon territory to allow the war-game to continue now for the foreseeable future between the two factions. Upon starting to Dominion an un-submitted planet, the thread writer should make a submission. This means they can make the setting how they like aswell.

Post Numbers
The number of each post is now display on the top left of it's box. It can also be right clicked and copied to get a link to that specific post. This is useful for seeing how many posts are in a thread without having to go back onto the thread list page.

New Background and Images
As you can see there is a new background (while the Snow will keep falling until after Christmas) and also banners for most of the forum categories. The Codex currently doesn't have any but will do soon once it's sections are set in stone.

The Codex
Equipment Creation is back in the Codex section. Lore Creation has been added to document events or past stories, and will also be used to help newcomers read up on our history and universe if they choose.

RPG System
The RPG system has been removed. It wasn't a bad idea, but it was hard to maintain and use effectively. While we will keep trying to bring new ideas to the table here, the RPG system is not one of them. It should be stated that EXP and Levels still remain.

Along with the RPG System go Classes too. They weren't a bad idea but their art style (8-Bit) felt out of place and the archetypes felt restricting. Instead there are now titles found in the Race/Title Selection thread within the Character Creation category. Examples are:
More will be added in the future.

Each account now has a number of Coins listed underneath their Posts count. You gain Coins by posting, making friends, and for each day since you registered. Coins will also be rewarded for events, awards, and other things. These are a purely OOC currency and do not reflect your character's wealth.

Examples of what they will purchase for now include special titles with yellow borders to show their premium status:
They will be priced and made available in the near future.

The Faction page will be updated at a certain point in an upcoming storyline.

Other Things
Fixed a bug where new users could change their own titles to whatever they want.
Removed the testing of glowing names to fix them getting in the way of thread titles.
Tidied up that code.
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Update 2.5 - The Big One

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