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 Thorax Technologies

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Approved#1PostSubject: Thorax Technologies   Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:22 am


"Thorax Tech is a technological research facility owned by its CEO and Founder: Robert Reeds. Our goal is to ensure all can profit from advancements in technology. Thorax Tech is responsible for many bleeding edge tech found in the galaxy, created through the gathering of knowledge across the galaxy, observing problems in the outside world, and creating solutions."

That's just the PR crap.
Thorax Tech is actually an evil company with their eye on money. Whatever they can do to generate cash, they will go to any means necessary to do it, but they don't like doing their dirty work. Thorax Tech has extends its arms to mercenary companies, providing money and weaponry to catch their high profile targets. These targets range from simple treasure hunts to beings with unimaginable power. They seek to harness their abilities and profit from them as they sell back the fruits of their labor to the mercenaries and governments of the galaxy.
To do this Thorax Tech requires loads of money. They rack this up by expanding their business from planet to planet, creating vaccines, weapons, and everyday commodities and selling them to the public. If creativity runs out they will buy other businesses out and feed off their revenue, small numbers add up. As their money amasses they set some aside for their mercenaries, and the cycle continues.
Currently they reside in the Union Sector; Theta, Amelia, Abraxis, Weistea, Slarvis and Cabrion. And they continue to expand.
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Thorax Technologies

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