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 Orduin Institute

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Approved#1PostSubject: Orduin Institute   Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:56 pm

Location: Feyworld
Founder: Elendrel Orduin

The finest institute on all of Feyworld to learn mastery of the natural arts, this is where some of the greatest mages and seers in the universe are born. Named after the famed Fey Mage, Elendrel Orduin, the institute trains only the best applicants who must prove themselves through a series of tests. Only then, when the applicant has proven themselves an exemplar candidate, are they admitted to the Institute to begin their training.

The Institute is situated in the centre of the largest city on Feyworld, Mystpine, and is presided over by a council of eight Archmages who are the most skilled of any living Fey. Although the board are almost exclusively Fey, two of the council belong to different races. The school itself holds mainly Fey students due to it being situated on Feyworld, and the Fey’s natural affinity for such arts. Although, it has been known that half-bloods and other magical races have been allowed admission.

There are three levels to the admissions:

First, an applicant must take a test of aptitude to make sure they have the intelligence to process the complex focus and concentration that is required to learn certain spells and tap into certain magic.

Second, the applicant must prove their basic magical ability by manifesting it in front of the council. This would include a few simple tasks to demonstrate the applicant at least has basic understanding of magic.

Third and Finally, the applicant must complete the most challenging stage of the task. This is the stage where most tend to fail as it tests not only the ability of the person, but tests them as a person. This will be a task that demonstrates the candidates’ dedication and perseverance and is something that the council has set specifically for that person, taking into account what they have seen in the aptitude test and the ability test.

If successful, an applicant is admitted and begins their training. Training can take different amounts of time depending on the innate level of power the person already has, previous training, natural affinity or the level to which they aspire to be trained. If an applicant choses to leave training before reaching the top class, they hold an open invitation to return to the Institute at any time by virtue of their original application and training.

The Institute holds a brilliant inter-galactic reputation; any graduate is instantly known as someone of proficient craft, discipline and talent- thus is highly regarded.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Orduin Institute   Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:40 am

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Orduin Institute

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