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 The echoes of the Imperium.

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The Exiled Gurand

The Imperium
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Faction#1PostSubject: The echoes of the Imperium.   Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:23 pm

Kornakass Fall 01AS File#455/7e
--------------File request approved---->Translation into English complete.

----Load complete----

In the ashes of war a empire rose....A dream of a unified galaxy.....And with it the salvation of the Sigman races....

The Serpentum Imperium....The last legecy of the Sigma Draconus galaxy.....An empire unlike anything seen in the milky way gone because of the ignorance of it's inhabitants.

Then we woke to find ourselves thrust into a new galaxy....Our ark embedded into the crust of the world we would call home.....Fifty galactic cycles we worked and toiled to build a haven for our remnants....

We rose and prospered,rebuilding shreds of our navy....our grand legion....our pride in unity....

We met with many lifeforms.....The honourable Inmortals led by fair humanoids known as Elves, the elusive synthetic Nypherians, our ally the human Reich....and our brothers the Serephim of Kyodain.

We fought against our old enemy the Flickr and freed the people of Sabaton. We brought a platform to build peace....We aided the Atrara of Asmelia to rebuild their own civilization.

Yet war follows our race,it's influence embedded into our society something we practice with pride and yet was wary of waging....

We became the center of Northern politics and the pressures forced us into war.....We attacked the Immortals and had several major victories.....But in the end the war was a stalemate and the deaths in vain......We offered to rebuild the occupied worlds but was betrayed by Ayil an Nypherian/Sun elf child.....Attacking us unexpectedly and unleashing a virus that killed most of the human population of Farnin.

We retaliated and brought Ayil to justice alongside the renegade Immortal troops. The true Immortals where shattered and parted ways their paths unknown to us.

Licking our wounds and trying to revitalize our human population we where unprepared to mobilize when the news arrived of a rogue robotic army spreading across the galaxy....

The Nypherians without warning left the galaxy leaving behind the ruins of their empire becoming a mirror of our own empire of past.

The Immortals already weak and segregated fell to the Helix AI.

The Reich stood steadfast preventing it's spread south,until their leader Grandmaster Krieg supposedly died after his flagship was attacked by a Helix strike force. Their morale dropped and they fled to safer worlds.

Kyodain was overwhelmed without their Nypherian ally and they retreat into the safety of Imperial borders. Their Tech-King still among us.

Then it was our turn.....We held strong,our navy pushing the Helix transports back before they could deploy their deadly armies. We held for 3 years....Alone without aid constantly keeping a seemingly endless force at bay....Despite having fought a similar force before we lacked the manpower and resources to launch a counterattack,we fought a slow losing war with another threat forming from within the Imperial Court.

Following the death of Emperor Sagess after his attempt to jump to GSU space to demand the GSU to intervene the Court began bickering over his heir....Soon enough the Grand Imperator took control as Imperial Primarch to reestablish order in the Imperium. Still a group of military officials funded by ambitious nobles attempted to remove the Primarch from power.

Their civil war tore the Imperium apart from the inside as troops fell back from the front to fight against their fellow citizens over who should rule the empire. Causing a gap in Imperial border security.....a gap Helix used.

New Serpentum the Capital of the Imperium was attacked....The first attack it had experienced in its history....Despite it's formidable defenses the damage done during the civil war allowed Helix to gain a foothold and slowly push into the marble city.

The Ceaseless Citadel,the fortress built from the Ark was destroyed taking away the last physical legecy of the old Imperium and causing the remaining Imperials to flee into deep space.....At the start of the new year all former Imperial worlds would fall to Helix,their inhabitants fleeing to become part of the Fallen Fleet.

Licking our wounds once more we prepare......Giving our Oath to reclaim our home....To rebuild the North and to remove this virus like a cancer under a blade...

--From ashes we rise....
            A dream of unity....
                Glory to Serpentum...
                     --KAH MA KRA--

--Final entry of Grand Admiral Far'Qwa.

Claws tapped on the console repeating the message again and again.

It kept the fleet going....Being reminded of what they are fighting for....The fleet consisted of seven battleships,two Vu'ury Class Frigates and 10 carrier ships for the majority of the military personnel needed to keep the empire's armed forces mobile.

The fleet floated in the void of the Inner world sector far from home and headed by a temporary council of admirals. The most respected admiral being Kar'Shen a grey scaled Varanus reaching his 491th year of age has led the fleet South in a effort to excess the reach of the Helix Virus. What he found made his grin with anger.

Still the virus had not spread South.....Much to the intel provided by hired mercs that infiltrated Allui Station to recover a drive filled with a great amount of information.....

He became more and more convinced that the GSU unleashed the Virus to eradicate the Reich and those associated with them....He grinned as he ordered the fleet to jump.

The fleet shot into hyperspace towards a rendezvous point the Armada set up shortly after New Serpentum fell. 

The admiral looked around....a mixture of Varanus,human,elf,seraphim and some Nypherians worked in unison across the ship. The admiral smirked a small smile being reminded of the Golden Emperor's vision of unity beyond race and creed. It was a shame that it took such tragedy to bring these races together.....But as hard times rise so does harder men and women as the humans would say....Yes....We shall rebuild the Imperium....We shall rebuild the North.


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Level 39

The Exiled Gurand

The Imperium
Posts : 981
Reputation : 52

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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: The echoes of the Imperium.   Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:37 pm

A few hours passed before the Imperial ships shot out of hyperspace to a military outpost orbiting a gas giant established shortly before the Imperium fell. Station Ive'rr 7 was a large station able to hold a maximum of ten thousand if pressed,it was originally built as a forward operations base beyond Imperial borders but now acted as the final fortress for the Imperial military and the remains of the Northern factions.


A massive fleet of mixed ships floated around the station,some Imperial,others formerly part of the Reich navy,some from the Kyodain and others being either Immortals or those caught in between the Helix rampage.

It was strange to see so many different forces working in unison against a mutual foe,for the Admiral had very little experience dealing with Zodarrin with aliens. Of course his views shifted and now almost half his crew consist of non-Varanus racials and still they have yet to disappoint the Admiral. He left the bridge for his personal scuttle to take him into the station to meet with the others.

The flight was uneventful as the scuttle drifted across the sea of ships going from and to the station,he realized how disorganized the operation is in terms of how it presented itself on the outside,inside however the station was running on a strict timeframe as officers scurried across the decks followed by their underlings.

Near the central platform the Admiral found the other leaders of the Imperium waiting in the spherical war room,holograms of maps and the galaxy strewn across the room hovering around in a slow readable pace,the grey scaled admiral took his seat and the planning began.

Taking the floor was the much respected Zorbek Fellskarr...The Grand Imperator himself,the undisputed supreme commander of the entire Imperial Army and the current regent of the empire until the Helix situation is resolved. The Cybernetic Varanus spoke under strained filtrations the wounds of the attack on New Serpentum still visible as cracks and scars on the metallic husk of Zorbek.

"Thank....You all...For...joining." He struggled until he got a gust of air through his filters.

"Ah...Forgive me..Now that Admiral Kar'Shen has joined us we can continue our campaign to retake the Imperial Core Worlds."

He tapped on a orb pedestal in the center of the room bringing a map of the galaxy and the spread of the Helix virus.

"This is the current reach of the Mechra virus that has caused so much suffering,thanks to intelligence recovered by the Blackguard Coalition we know that the virus was caused by a certain Helix Corporation founded by Daniel....Almis." 

The word Almis caused whispered chatter in the room that Zorbek banished with a raised claw.

"I think we can agree that the situation is dire and all evidence points to the same Daniel Almis whom was slain by the Reich commander Mordicai three years ago.......Investigations from spies within the GSU has confirmed that another Almis...A certain Jaya is one of the major rulers there......Some of you are convinced that the GSU deployed this virus to weaken the Northern factions....I'd rather not jump to conclusions but the suffering caused by this action cannot be ignored."

He breathed hard again sucking air into his rusted filters.

"I've assigned you all an objective to seek out aid from certain identified parties in the galaxy.....If we do indeed reclaim our worlds these parties will repopulate the North and unite it under our banner...."

Some disgruntled officers clearly disagreed with the notion of sharing the empire with the Zodarrin.

"Enough!" Zorbek cried.

"Twice now we saw our empire fell,I had to watch our beloved Emperor suffer for years trying to rebuild it in this galaxy....We knew the strain placed on his shoulders and in a act to seek help from the Zodarrin he was killed....Most of you would take that as a sign to hate the Zodarrin....But if that was so why did our Emperor seek out their help?"

The room was silent for none dared to interrupt the metallic lizard.

"Today for three years we stood and bled alongside the humans of the Reich,the elves of the Immortals,the serephim of Kyodain and even the machine Nypherians all in the name of survival.....In the Legion there is no greater way of brotherhood...No greater sacrifice then to die alongside fellow soldiers....I saw the Zodarrin do a great many things....And guided by us and working alongside us we endured.....But our arrogance cost us our home...."

The atmosphere in the room changed from inspirational vigor to dreaded sorrow.

"Kah Ma Kra.....We shall endure....By the Five and all other gods of this world....We shall endure....One Imperium of many worlds,of many peoples shall restore what was stolen from this world and punish those who seek to disrupt the order we shall place!"

The room roared with agreement and the plans where set.

The Imperium has returned.


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The echoes of the Imperium.

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